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  1. It's a long way around it and takes time but Yu can go to a beginner server and tame there and then transfer them off. Like I said long way around it but the dinos are all lower level. Max lvl is 30 wild
  2. Has anyone else noticed that it seems like alpha spawns have went down a lot on pretty much all maps I spent all day yesterday trying to get an alpha wyvern to spawn on crystal isles. I'm trying to get the talons for a boss fight and can't even get one talon in a 24-hour period. It seems like when it came out one would spawn every few hours that's definitely not the case now.
  3. I can't get note 8 on scorched to open. It triggers on every land bridge over the scar. It's so weird. But it doesn't give the note or the exp boost.
  4. Unfortunately I have beat the final boss too. I'm not sure what's going on with it. Wonder if I need the HLN-A notes too? I don't have genesis So I can't test this.
  5. Problem with Perfect Explorer Achievement Is anyone else having trouble with this achievement? I show that I have gotten all the notes and dossiers with my character, but it didn't give me the achievement, skins, or hair styles. Is there something else I need to do?
  6. At the end of the event will it wipe all the eggs like it has for all my other candies. I had almost 300 from past events disappear along with Dino bones and what not.
  7. Whatever was fixed it deleted all my Christmas candies!!!! I had at lease 100, a lot of them acendant or MasterCraft. I want them back. This is some crap. It bugged out while we were defending a corrupted vein and I couldn't see the vein or the dinos. Followed by one of our best wyverns getting kicked cus it dcd us. Then all of our chibis got reset
  8. Does the ark team actually read any of what is written here? Do they ever reply? I'm honestly really curious. I am a long time begginer server player. I love helping the new players with dinos and learning the ropes. I love how hard it is to do anything on them. But I'd really like to be able to transfer some of my hard work off before they wipe all my stuff. Like give me an hour to move some stuff. Please.
  9. I really hope he gets back to you since I'm in the same boat. I have been waiting for transfers on the beginner to open back up so I can move my stuff off of there. I've put in some hard work there and just want to be able to walk away with it.
  10. I still cannot transfer anything off the official beginner server I am on. Is this going to get fixed? I am on Xbox
  11. Thank you. I've been looking on here but haven't seen anything till this. Now I'm bummed hope they get it fixed soon
  12. Did I miss something or are Xbox servers not getting the summer bash event. It's the 3rd and I have nothing.
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