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  1. It's not just about carrots. It's about a game mechanic wasting 30 mins plus for no reason at all and not leaving someone time to do what they were going to to. I wasn't talking about a rage quit. Some people with families don't have all day to play and have to ration our time. Seems like i end up dumping half my food each time I'm server hopping. Our tribe has a tribemate with a base on every map other than the island so we move around alot.
  2. Food rod, timers and server transfers Food rot should not affect timers for server transfers. It serves no purpose and wastes time. I understand timers to prevent grab and run theft and mass resource transfer affecting server balance but I'm trying to transfer a few stacks of carrots to rag to tame equis and they rot during lag as timer is coming up . Then I'm waiting another 15 minutes just to have half of the damn stacks rot again right after the timer finishes. that pretty much means forget playing ark the game of waiting for timers and go do something else.
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