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  1. to validate your files right click on the game in steam go to properties. then to local files then choose verify integrity of game files
  2. Ah that makes so much more sense now, and yes please a data set for official would be amazing thanks so much
  3. Good to know, but shouldn't you work this out on level 224? the max wild level tame on official? Not the max level a dino can be after you have added levels yourself from levelling up.
  4. They already posted the evo event for this weekend, it would appear there will be no anniversary event.
  5. Why would anyone want baby spiders *shudders*, however I agree they should sort out scorpion breeding they could be useful.
  6. Ariartus

    Weight bag

    I dont think a weight bag is a good idea because well you can always use a weight dino but an extra slot bag would be good
  7. To clarify this will be a mod and not official?
  8. I submitted a report about this hrs ago has been going on for over 8hrs now
  9. forgive the noob question but does this mean that if you breed a dino at level 450 you can't level it?
  10. If it is your server you are the boss. You can kick everyone but you need to use admin commands. I play on pc so dont know if they are the same for xbox. You could just delete your server and start again. Do a little research on admin commands.
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