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  1. See, that's what I thought too! I was really surprised. It did just drop dead next to them.
  2. Funny encounter. Killed a mid-level Rex and before I could get down off the rock I killed it from to harvest it, two wild Moschops charged in and at the dang thing.
  3. Now that the XBOX bug is fixed where my Valguero data is no longer deleted, I've been having fun and exploring. I found a lovely spot in the White Cliffs to make my base - 68.3, 68.6. A small plateau by the beach cliffs, complete with a small waterfall and pond stocked with fish. It does occasionally have some Raptors and Allosaurus spawn there, but not often. I admit I'm cheating with this one and force-tamed several Deinonychus, as well as hatched some level 145 eggs. I also have a lvl 217 Tek Rex and level 204 Dire Bear. It started off just a couple Deinonychus, but then I worry that something will spawn in and hurt them, so I grabbed more for better defense. I'm mostly spending the time exploring the map and finding all the neat little spots that aren't noted on the gamepedia wiki explorer map. Waterfalls, ponds, neat scenic spots, good base locations. I'm writing down the GPS coordinates for my own use, might post them somewhere. I plan on eventually building the base up, but so far I just have some storage, a couple bedrolls and store my critters. Loving the map so far. Some areas are definitely incomplete, but it's refreshingly different from the other maps and I'm constantly finding new little spots.
  4. Working on my "Ark Zoo", I started transferring cryopods from Aberration to the zoo location on The Center. Game crashed and lost 17 level 200+ Ravagers, a pair of high level Karkinos, Basilisk, a dozen high-level Rock Drake eggs and a bunch of Featherlights. Sigh.
  5. I had been building up a collection of critters off of Ragnarok to make a sort of free-range 'zoo' of sorts just for fun. I got at least a pair of every tameable creature on Rag through cheat taming and loaded them onto cryopods. I was able to get a lot of them during the Easter event so I got some cool colors. Then I wracked my brain on where I was going to do this. I would have plenty of guardian creatures that could take care of threats, but I just couldn't find a good spot on Rag. I went through the viewable maps of the other Ark maps and decided on an island in the NW tropics on The Center. So currently I'm working on releasing all of those buggers on that island, making sure they have protection and setting up a large aquatic habitat for the bigg'uns.
  6. Ate two high-level Lightning Wyvern eggs - 204 and 201 because I hit the consume button instead of the drop button.
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