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    Dupe It has been announced 3 weeks ago that wildcard was going to take measures to resolve the duping problem but having 282 enemy duped meks EVERY SINGLE DAY outside our bases rushing our towers and wiping bases like this that we keep reporting taking screenshots of their names but still nothing is happening and then how are we supposed to fight this?? Its not possible the only solution is ... OH! DUPING since wildcard takes absolutely 0 actions about it lets play the only way the game is playable cuz if not we will all be wiped meanwhile wildcard is releasing more and more content and not fixing the game, should i talk about meshing, ddos? How are we supposed to fight this ? Theres only 1 way USE this methods cuz the game is so broken its the only way to actually survive. But wait lets ignore all that and show our retarded faces on streams and actually blame and bann the players cuz its their fault for using it even tho theres no other way to play and WC takes absolutely no measures to fix any of those.
  2. No you really cant do it on official servers don't be stubborn
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