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  1. Hi, if you could update the game Ark, what would you add, what would you remove?
  2. Srinija

    Breeding Dodos

    I'm not sure Bush 84, because I haven't gotten any dodos above 1.17
  3. Srinija

    Breeding Dodos

    Ok I will do more breeding
  4. Srinija

    Breeding Dodos

    I have been breeding a lot of dodos lately and I can't seem to get any big ones the biggest one I have is a 1.17, so am I doing something wrong?? Or is it just random?
  5. I tried Bush84 with my Petra and my argi but the carno doesn't seem to care at all, and it is not been attacking anything, is that a problem?
  6. I found a level 2 Female alpha carno near my base what should I do? I think my dino are to weak to kill it so what should I do??
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