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  1. Hi, if you could update the game Ark, what would you add, what would you remove?
  2. Srinija

    What is your faverotie animal in ARK??

    I mean it doesn't really matter if it's a dinosaur or an animal.
  3. Srinija

    Game crashing

    Hi, so for the past 4 months my game has been crashing a lot, is there a way I can prevent it?
  4. Srinija

    Should I tame a sabertooth using an argi

    Ok I will try to tame all of the creatures you guys are suggesting, But do you think I can tame a rex, with tranq arrow and a trap, I the redwoods, btw I'm lvl 60, but my tames and base location make me seem like I'm lvl 40. So should I tame a rex too?
  5. Srinija

    Should I tame a sabertooth using an argi

    Ok, I will also tame a high level frog
  6. Hello! I'm not sure if I should tame a sabertooth using an argi like picking it up with an argi and dropping it in a pen. Should I use that method or another method.
  7. Srinija

    Breeding Dodos

    I'm not sure Bush 84, because I haven't gotten any dodos above 1.17
  8. Hello! I wanted to know what your faverotie animal in ARK is! Mine has to be the Spinosaur, it's so cool! What's yours?
  9. Srinija

    Tell me what you like the most about Ark

    That actually amazing...
  10. Hello!, I would love to know what you favorite thing about Ark is! Mine is that you can build, tame, and survive. What's yours?
  11. Srinija

    Breeding Dodos

    Ok I will do more breeding
  12. Srinija

    Breeding Dodos

    I have been breeding a lot of dodos lately and I can't seem to get any big ones the biggest one I have is a 1.17, so am I doing something wrong?? Or is it just random?