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  1. Level4Gaming

    Single Player SE crashes

    Don't expect this to be fixed. I don't mean to sound like a PC elitist but simply put; consoles aren't powerful enough to handle games like Ark, combine this with the poor optimization of the game on consoles, there's your issue. This has been something ongoing with ARK on Xbox and PS4 for years now and it's seemingly gotten worse over time.
  2. The main reason why the tether is set at a very limited range on consoles is because the machine is simply put - not powerful enough to handle both loading of all the assets and areas and the host with the client players connected. PCs are different, you can set the range to be much higher, but this is because most people have computers (if they play ARK) that are much more powerful than a console. So yes, it's never going to be removed. You could rent a server from Nitrado, but they are very expensive, and on console, Nitrado is the only provider you have, whereas on PC you have much cheaper, much more reliable options (sorry for sounding like a PC elitist). You could buy another console to host a dedicated server, but these have their own issues as well, (I'm speaking from personal experience here.)
  3. Level4Gaming

    Is the RTX 2080 BSOD issue not getting fixed?

    All the RTX cards are having this issue. I tested with my own RTX 2080Ti and a friend's RTX 2070. The RTX cards either crashed or got me a BSOD within minutes of gameplay. It happened on other titles as well, not just Ark. I tried various drivers in an attempt to fix it, trying various launch options, but no avail. I went back to my GTX 1080Ti, and as long as that's still relevant, I'll be happy. The best thing I've figured is to not use the RTX enabled drivers (meaning use version 399.xx or lower) and use a GTX 10xx series card or older. So far this is the only solution to have a playable ARK.
  4. Level4Gaming

    On Managarmrs and where their design went wrong

    I suggested this as well a while ago. I mean, it makes sense, right? I also suggested a rework of the dash for the Managarmr; Reduce the speed to be only slightly faster than the Phoenix, but make it so holding mouse 1 can sustain it for longer, with exponentially increasing stamina usage. Maybe it'd be too good, but I also think it should be able to narrowly turn mid-air while doing this... That would make it much better for PVE. I also think the ice breath is in a much better position than it used to be, but it's always just extreme buff, extreme nerf. Why can't WC get more creative with reworks or nerfs?
  5. Level4Gaming

    On Managarmrs and where their design went wrong

    It was an unintended mechanic. Why not give the Phoenix a counter to it? It would incentivize taming them much more (eg. phoenix is immune to being frozen) I also agree. Something needs to be added to the Wyvern or Rock Drake to make them counter the Managarmr. Then you'd see them used more often. Why not add the Tek saddle for the wyvern btw? It's a nice idea.
  6. Level4Gaming

    On Managarmrs and where their design went wrong

    And you're right. If they nerf them too hard, they won't be used ever. Right now Managarmrs are the staple of ARK pvp and that's that. They are way more useable and don't completely outclass every flyer when a server is running Classic Flyers, but that's a mod. In vanilla ARK as of now, they are currently meta. Either they are going to need another rebalance or they are going to have to start buffing various dinos. I mean, It needs a hard counter, bad. But WC clearly doesn't understand how to do it.
  7. Level4Gaming

    Map reset upon log in

    This is still a known bug with ARK on the Xbox and PS4. The devs have not acknowledged it at all. One thing I learned is you should never have multiple accounts signed in at once on the xbox, but I have still lost hundreds of hours worth of saves on both singleplayer and on a dedicated server because of random file corruptions. The mini-map and note reset glitch happens as well and it is a very common occurrence on consoles. But only on consoles. Any of the bugs I have had happen I have never had happen after I switched to the Steam version of Ark, which is really weird and maybe helps prove a point: Ark on consoles was just a pure rushed money grab, and I don't think it would have happened if the demand for it wasn't ridiculously high. Then for some reason they took that lousy, half assed port and back-ported it to WINDOWS 10 to make the crossplay variant, which is even more buggy. Any of the bugs on consoles either get fixed with bandages constantly or take months to get addressed, or never do. I've tried many fixes to try to get to the bottom of it, but no avail. I decided to switch to PC and get the Steam version of the game. Probably the best thing I had ever done. However, this is getting ridiculous coz even that has a lot of bugs. Why can't WC just get better and make the game a more playable and fun experience for all?
  8. Level4Gaming

    Windows 10 Play Anywhere Issues I have found

    Same issue. We submit literally thousands of bug reports and what do we get? Nothing. Radio silence. I'd say the best thing to really do is to put this case to rest and just accept that Wildcard isn't going to fix anything related to ARK on Windows 10, the game has been out for over a year and these issues STILL affect the game.
  9. Level4Gaming

    Desktop PC for gaming?

    Key note. If you want to be able to play ARK without crashing, DO NOT get RTX. Here's my base specs that I always recommend for people who want to play more demanding games like ARK but not spend lots of money: If you're going Intel for CPU, get an i7 6700K, or i7 8700K... If you're going for any of the 9th generation Intel processors btw, you're going to have a hard time finding any, because they are typically out of stock. If you're going AMD for CPU, get a reasonable Ryzen 5 (I know much less about AMD. But, it's a good way to save money by going with AMD. However, ARK it much better suited to Intel and Nvidia brand hardware.) If you're going for an Nvidia graphics card, (NEVER go with an RTX because they cause BSODs) Get a GTX 1060 6GB. It's not too expensive and performs well on many triple A titles in 1080p. If you choose to go for an AMD graphics card, you could get either an RX 480 or RX 580. Both are inexpensive and perform well, but do not have the added bonuses of Nvidia GPUs such as Ansel, Shadowplay, etc. Finally, for RAM (also called memory, it's the same thing) Make sure you have 16GB of RAM. You can game on 8GB, but it's not recommended because Windows 10 eats a lot of memory. Obviously Linux is not well suited for gaming BTW. That's as simple as I could put it. Hope this helps! -Level4Gaming
  10. Level4Gaming

    Extinction keeps crashing on xbox

    The Extinction and Winter Wonderland updates on consoles have crippled the game. I remember the game used to be fairly playable minus the crash here and there, the fps drops, the poor render times, textures bugging out, and the disconnects. It usually depended on the map but in general, that's how it was. It was more common on maps like The Center and Ragnarok, but now no one can play any map on consoles without crashing, and the complete radio silence from WC to console players doesn't help them one bit. Obviously, i'm on PC on Steam, and it's a pretty pleasant experience, but few are willing to switch to PC just for that. I've gotten numerous complains from my friends who still play on my dedicated server (which is also absurdly broken BTW because of the file corruptions that always happen.) The chances of this being fixed is second to NONE because ARK is very poorly built for consoles, and was never, I mean NEVER designed to run on a low power machine such as a console, because ARK is an insanely demanding game. I actually don't think the game was originally going to come out to consoles for that reason, the real reason it came out was either 1: the money, or 2: the demand for it. If it's number 2, it probably would have never come out to consoles unless people had ended up begging for it. I also find it hilarious how the game is actually CHEAPER as well on Steam. Sadly, switching to Steam is really one of your only options. ...Or you could debug the game like how I did; by hitting the big ol' "uninstall" button on Ark in your My Games And Apps on your Xbox Dashboard.
  11. Level4Gaming

    Explorer notes are not showing up on the inventory page

    This is affecting me too, I'm on PC (Steam) BTW. Since I am also going for the achievement to get every explorer note on The Island, (and I have like 10 left to get) I am really concerned that a fix is going to wipe my explorer notes entirely. This is a pretty severe bug regardless though, and needs to be fixed, REALLY badly.
  12. Level4Gaming

    I cant see the explorer notes on the page in my inventory

    Same! And we haven't heard a peep about it which is really starting to get on my nerves. First off; how did the LAST UPDATE have so many game breaking issues that got past WC's Q/A testers, and 2, why haven't they said a word about this issue specifically, even though it's wide spread and being talked about EVERYWHERE?
  13. Level4Gaming

    (Video) Titan bites through mesh and wipes my base

    It's still exploiting. It goes two ways though: It's retarded that Titans can do what I witnessed while watching that video, but then again, the spot you built in WAS an exploited location, after all. But, one thing will always remain true by the life lesson of the video: Wildcard needs to FIX THEIR GAME!
  14. Can you guys address the terrible issues that have been affecting EVERY version of the game since the S+ integration? You guys had the chance to talk about this during your stream, but ultimately refused. WC, please work on the issues and stop letting so many huge bugs in your updates. What really goes on in your studio? I would like to have an answer if you're willing to do it and are reading this, but a well made one rather than a quick answer, because the whole "working day and night" to address bugs is extremely hard to believe, and you also don't have your "early access" excuse. It's full release and triple-A priced, can't you guys go more triple-A than you currently are? Also, I'm not going to forget about you guys splitting off to leave ARK in the dust and work on Atlas. I will never forget about that terrible move. One thing I've learned from my three years of this game: Over-promise, under deliver. Great game, backed by a very unprofessional company.
  15. Level4Gaming

    I cant see the explorer notes on the page in my inventory

    I made a post about this a while ago, and I am having the same issue. I am on PC. (Steam)