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  1. No mods for consoles, and for good reason. Hardware limitations and no dedicated modding tools for Xbox. Ragnarok, The Center, etc do not count as they were sponsored mod maps created by the community that got picked up and thrown into the base game.
  2. Don't expect mods to ever happen on Xbox or PS4. Console hardware limitations, let alone Microsoft's policy with content like that. Although the Xbox One X doesn't have the hardware limitation issue as much, it doesn't mean that Microsoft would ever allow mod support for a game like this, and they very likely are not going to allow any mod support for ARK. EDIT: It's also not like Steam, where there is a dedicated modding tool and workshop for the game. And I wouldn't expect that to happen with Xbox or PS4 either.
  3. If you're doing two different maps, you're okay, you just don't want to use two separate accounts on the same console to play the game. If you're doing two different maps your previous one on The Island will remain unaffected. Doesn't mean you're safe from the occasional save file corruption that can often happen out of nowhere on console.
  4. You had a saved file corruption. It's a large-scale Xbox and PS4 bug that is only made worse due to a lack of any save file backups, it's not like PC where you have backups and direct access to the file directories. Been in the game for years, radio silence from the developers. Happens on player-dedicated servers as well, (I myself have lost 18 months worth of saves due to file corruptions) not just a singleplayer issue. Game over.
  5. Mods are a PC feature only. It usually has to do with the fact of hardware limitations of consoles, but also due to the fact that Microsoft (and Sony) are extremely strict with how mods are actually implemented on consoles. Also, a PC is more versatile because of the fact such tools for modding exist on PC and no on consoles.
  6. Absolute genius. It would give players a reason to use the items in PvP since no one ever uses these items in particular (electric prod and pheromone darts), and open up for much more dynamic gameplay.
  7. It's a minor bug and I doubt it'll be fixed. It's a weird one though.
  8. Absolutely correct, dude. I used to have time to play this game but I never touched official servers unless I was in the middle of a summer break. Mostly because I never really had the time. ARK on official servers will easily suck your life away. Some people would probably consider me "garbage" or say I need to "get good" to play official servers but the truth is I never have a lot of people who actually play the game, let alone have the time to play it. Official servers are NOT meant for casual players at all. Also, not related to this post, but this to those people who call users garbage because they do not have the time; just because someone does not have the time to dedicate their life to a video game does NOT make them garbage, at all. Plenty of people have school and/or jobs, and I've even seen players skip school or work just to play this game, which is pretty darn hilarious. This is the other problem I was going to mention. Exploit abuse will always plague every single official server, there will always be at least one group of people who are sitting there and doing nothing but exploiting bugs in the game engine. It is very rare to find ANY official server that is not infested with duplicated items, etc. (Usually they are dead because of those exploiters, too.) Nowadays, exploit abuse is basically a staple of the game, and very rarely is there any admins to ever police any of those official servers. A medal of honor goes to the toxicity on official servers, and it again, has to do with the fact that official PvP (and PvE) servers are very rarely moderated. Not nearly as bad as being raided by exploiters or worse, hackers/cheaters, but definitely enough to steer me, and likely many other players away from them. Unofficial servers are always an option if you want PvP for sure. It's always nice to see one that doesn't have mad boosted rates or (in the case of being on Steam) is modded to crap, a server where the rates are just high enough to not be forced to spend HOURS getting anything, and not TOO high to the point where you punch a tree and get overly-encumbered with wood and thatch. Of course, there are SOME official servers that have abusive admins, but definitely not a widespread problem. Sure, the first unofficial server you may find may not be perfect, or even very good for that matter, but there has to be at least a few with those well balanced rates, and likely mods that don't change the game too much but rather add quality-of-life features. ARK is still one of the most popular games on Steam, so there is thousands of game servers for you to explore and see if they fit your needs. Alternatively, if you have a bit of money to invest, you could always rent your own. (Again, if you're on Steam, Nitrado is not recommended since there are different providers that are far cheaper and generally higher quality. If you're on console, it's your only option.)
  9. The engine is starting to show it's age. Doesn't mean that they don't have a good reason to optimize the game. UE4.5x is not a bad game engine by any means. But Wildcard clearly does not want to optimize their game. Still doesn't give them the excuse to lie and claim that they cannot update the game engine regardless. It's Unreal Engine for God's sake, a game engine designed for compatibility within itself. Epic Games may be a terrible company but at least they know a good game engine. Back in Early Access when PC was the only platform for the game, they were putting SO much effort into the game, both content and optimization. Sure, the optimization is FAR better now than it was on day one, but it is still absolutely terrible especially for the level of hardware most people are packing nowadays (Lots of people run RTX gpus and those won't even run on ARK without giving you a bluescreen). Now in full release they don't give a crap about optimization. GTX 1080Ti. i7 8700k at 4.8 GHz. 32GB of RAM, 1440p resolution at like 90 percent resolution scaling on the Epic settings preset, what FPS do I get... *drumroll* ...45FPS! On a graphics card that can easily push well over 120FPS in this resolution and easily compete against high end cards of the current generation! Lowering or turning off shadows alone doubles or even triples my FPS in some cases.
  10. Minor bug. Bugs are bugs. Fix it regardless.
  11. It wasn't imprinted. Nowadays me and him know it has to be an imprinted Giga to win in a fight like that. Though Gigas aren't the safest method of killing other Gigas. Griffins, Wyverns, etc seem to work the best.
  12. - Falling into Ragnarok's volcano by accident (and facing 20k damage) - Accidentally hitting E on a max level Wyvern egg and eating it instead of hitting O to drop it... bye-bye level 190 Fire Wyvern... after my transfer to PC... - Fat fingering my E key while flying a Pteranodon... also after my transfer to PC... - Accidentally hitting J, the default "whistle all follow" key... also happened when I was new to PC. I unbound it very quickly afterwards. - Failing to jump the pitfalls in the Island's Skylord artifact cave... - Forgetting about said pitfalls in that cave... - Jumping one too many times on a Managarmr and getting disintegrated by the skybox on The Island... - Attempting to kill a wild level 30 Giga with a tamed level 200+ Giga... (A friend said I should put that since it was his fault when he was a bit new to the game) - Trying to steal a Wyvern egg with an Argentavis in the old school way after the flyer nerf... we both died a slow and painful death. I somehow managed to retrieve the egg. These were just silly ones I could recall from my time of playing ARK since December 2015.
  13. I can absolutely 100 percent agree with this. Optimization is absolute key for a game's lifespan. You pointed out every problem with ARK's current engine. I play on a GTX 1080 Ti, a graphics card designed to push maximum graphics in 1440p or sometimes 4k resolution. Seeing that I get 45 FPS average on the highest settings (in 1440p, not even maximum resolution scaling on the epic preset) definitely is a sign that Wildcard needs to seriously update the engine used on ARK; it wouldn't be that hard. 45 FPS on a GTX 1080Ti (and continuous crashes on RTX graphics cards) is absolutely unacceptable. I play Battlefield 5, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Rust as well, all of which run well over 100 FPS in 1440p on max settings or close to it (No DXR enabled on BF5) and are incredibly demanding, but actually well optimized. After all, Unreal Engine is designed to be forwards and backwards compatible with itself. Wildcard makes a claim that they cannot update their game engine though, which is a blatant lie. Like seriously, PUT SOME EFFORT INTO YOUR GAME. Why can't they invest as much into making ARK as enjoyable and playable as possible? Due to UE4's design, it would be easy for them to update to the latest version. After all, the UE4 devs said something about any customization being made to the engine could be back ported with ease due to it's design, but WC is lying through their teeth, saying their version on UE4 is "highly customized" and they cannot update it due to that reason. The worst example of Wildcard using the engine has to be crowned to ARK on Windows 10. It's pretty much just a shell now of what it was originally going to be, due to it's development being abandoned and only slopped through to keep it's compatibility with the now almost unplayable console versions of the game. Like for example! Ark on Windows 10 not rendering any rocks and trees outside of render distance! Or just wiping your single-player saves randomly! The same problems exist on consoles as well and all the graphical and engine problems that exist on PC exist on console as well and are multiplied by tenfold. As much as I like their game, I REALLY do question what Studio Wildcard does in their offtime and I also question what kind of a fuss goes on in their place. Or if their updates even have testers for the game at all. They should hire me as a bug tester, because I seem to be pretty good at finding every last little problem with a game, whether it be a bug, a glitch, or a graphical problem. Another problem with ARK is it's generally and blatantly terrible optimization. If they were able to push DirectX12 support and a newer version of Unreal Engine, or adding Vulkan support would help soooo much with the performance of the game. And they can't complain about having to re-work all the assets. It IS Unreal Engine after all. So I agree. This absolutely needs to happen. It's not a suggestion, this is something that NEEDS to happen to benefit ALL versions of the game. On the topic of DXR, ARK was supposed to have DXR, but I don't see that happening. It would likely be an unnecessary feature and wouldn't be able to happen regardless, as DXR needs DirectX12, and ARK runs DirectX11 with, as mentioned, ARK also uses a very early version of Unreal Engine 4. It's basically a prototype version of the engine.
  14. Going to update that this is still happening. Fully released triple A game with two season passes BTW. Again... come on, this should only take MINUTES to fix!
  15. Me neither. I haven't played official servers since 2017 when they started to really showcase their flaws. Official is too much for me when I have both high school and a job.... As a side note, sure, I am also looking forward to the dlc but here's my opinions. Is ARK still an enjoyable game? Well yes, especially with friends. Does ARK need more polish? Of course, it still has bugs and glitches, many of which could be fixed in half of an afternoon. This should be their top priority, along with balancing the game. Bugfixes first. Content second.
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