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  1. Release a new game without completely fixing the issues that have plagued the original title for years now. How typical WC.
  2. I agree with this. It would give more reason to collect a bunch of Dung Beetles, after all.
  3. I have a 1080Ti, also still a very powerful GPU, and the game still looks worse than it does on the Low settings on the Steam version of the game. Not to mention the horrible bugs and rendering issues. I'd say that Windows 10 ARK is basically not worth actually getting, not even for a dollar. It doesn't work. If the console versions are already insufferable, the Windows 10 version takes the crown for 'worst port' of the game.
  4. I wouldn't know, but from prior experience, if this is the bug I think you're talking about where dossiers reset, it always occurs when you use multiple profiles for the game. Something about internal save fragmentation or something.
  5. Simple Spawners is obviously a PC mod. These guys don't have mods because this is the Xbox bug report forum. I've still confirmed amongst my friends who still play ARK on their Xboxes that this bug STILL occurs. Since 2017!
  6. As of 11-24-20, I can confirm this is an ongoing bug in Singleplayer, and a MAJOR visual bug at that. I've seen it so much before this, though and it feels ignored. Stuff like that shouldn't be acceptable in a game that's considered triple-A.
  7. ARK on Switch seems completely forgotten about. Heck, I've forgotten it even exists on Switch and mobile because the ports for them are unbelievably terrible. Don't get your hopes up that you'll see those new base rates for a long time, since I'm pretty sure it hasn't even been updated since like, the first week it was out.
  8. I tried this on singleplayer as well, I had the same issue. It was fixed at one point, and now it's back again. It appears to happen on Official servers as well. WC really should fix this. EDIT: Those who say my drivers aren't up to date, I'm running the latest NVIDIA drivers on a GTX 1080Ti, one of the few cards that's already known for performing very well on ARK.
  9. This criticism in this thread sums up so many of the problems on Official PVP. While I partially agree with many of the map-exclusive tames being somewhat op-op ISH, if they were to lock them to those maps, it would also kill the PVE. However, they could run it only for official servers. Would help change the meta. Other than that, excellent post.
  10. I would have gone into more depth with why I find the Epic store "shady", but one of my main gripes is the lack of features (no shopping cart BTW), the exclusivity deals that, in all regards, really just forces you to download yet another launcher (I already have enough of them, Steam, Origin, Uplay, and GOG, I don't feel like I need ANOTHER to add to the list), and Tim Sweeny's highly "questionable" behavior, and also how the launcher embeds itself in your machine and doesn't uninstall easily. I'm glad you're not being biased though and jumping on me over my reasoning why I feel like ARK on
  11. I think it's very unlikely that the Epic store version will support mods, as (generally, Epic's store is very lacking) but it doesn't have it's own dedicated mod workshop page like Steam does that really simplifies everything for the player. I never tried the Epic Games Store myself, and I never want to, as there's plenty of things and so many features missing that just make it seem extremely shady. I'm sure that Epic is too busy (or possibly just doesn't feel the need) to actually make their already very lackluster launcher actually support mods, I mean, if it still doesn't have a shoppin
  12. So... good update... but it really only caters to PC players. So I'll say the things that I feel needed to be said about this update, from a non-biased perspective of someone who has played the game on both Xbox and PC. (And I really feel like the game is virtually unplayable on original consoles due to the poor performance, as I sorta did get the game on Steam to get away from the problems the original consoles had while running this game.) ...You guys putting ARK on the Epic Games Store was likely the worst thing you could have possibly done... I've been playing the game on Xbox since Dece
  13. It's an INI line that you must put in GameUserSettings.ini, it goes as (no quotes) OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0 (if you want level 150 wild level cap) There is no way to do this on console since INI's do not exist, and the "maximum difficulty" checkbox (which had the same aforementioned effect) doesn't work anymore to my knowledge.
  14. You can't. The reason being is that Sony and also Microsoft doesn't allow mods on consoles. Not to mention it'd be taxing on the systems. ARK barely runs on consoles to begin with. EDIT: If you really want mods, you should get ARK on Steam.
  15. What you're mentioning sounds like a graphical bug with Xbox, likely due to it's heavily outdated hardware, and ARK being an overly taxing game not really designed for consoles anyways. This is a known singleplayer bug, my friend. Happens only on consoles for some reason, works fine on PC (Steam, not Windows 10). Alternatively, have you checked to make sure you have allowed player character, dino, etc downloads on the singleplayer settings though? Just to make sure. Tethering is not a bug. It's an intended feature. There used to be a slider to adjust distance (It exists on
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