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  1. The answer is that Wildcard doesn't care about the Switch version of the game.
  2. You guys screwed over your Steam playerbase ever since you ported the game to Epic and incorporated EOS, now it's impossible to connect properly to any servers, official or unofficial, not to mention Epic's incredibly shady data scraping they incorporate with it. This is just a kick in the teeth. Either way, Stadia is a real bust, I appreciate the fact that WC wants to port the game to as many platforms as possible, but the game BARELY runs on consoles, is near-unplayable on the initial Xbox and PS4, and it should have waited for when the Series X and PS5 were available, which, it still runs
  3. Fixed today on PC as of the patch this morning, finally!
  4. Bump, still happening to me in PC singleplayer
  5. Sounds like it's your fault that you went on YouTube and saw all the spoilers. Server problems? Probably best that you avoid the servers that are modded to crap and filled with abusive admins. People finish the game in a matter of a couple days because they're tryhards and oftentimes use exploits.
  6. Update: Nothing is fixed on PC singleplayer
  7. Consoles won't get mods, plain and simple. PS doesn't get mods, Xbox doesn't get mods, Switch doesn't get mods. It's due to various policies, hardware limitations, and the fact that consoles forcibly have their files locked down.
  8. I doubt it very much that it's intentional, but it still goes to show you that WC refuses to playtest their game at all. If there was gamebreaking bugs like this on any other game they'd want to fix that crap immediately. Wildcard is the only company I know of that repeatedly breaks things in their game after facing repeated delays and postponing content releases. Though it still makes you wonder, how on earth could they possibly screw up something so basic and easy to fix and then they take nearly a week to fix that bug in question? Plus, why DOES it only affect regular drops and not tho
  9. It's a bug, appeared to have been 'added' in the Genesis 2 update. Proof that Wildcard does not test their game at all. Something like this is game-breaking because it affects a core mechanic. Yeah, let's do the bosses with 25 armor saddles SAID NO ONE EVER. If you're on an Official server it's game over, if you're one of the lucky few who's on an unofficial or Singleplayer like me, well, just try fishing I guess.
  10. I was wondering what happened but I can see it was simply merged with a big thread about it. Still no fix, even lootcrates spawned via commands still contain items of engram grade quality. It's not just the deep sea ones, but all of them as well. A friend of mine now confirms this is happening on Official servers as well, so it's not just Singleplayer and Unofficial servers.
  11. Thanks, so apparently it's not just singleplayer. Get the word out about this, a bug like this is what most would consider gamebreaking.
  12. So I was doing some deep sea lootcrate runs on Scorched Earth today, can't afford Gen2 right now, but needed something to kill the time otherwise. I found one lootcrate and it contained engram grade items?! I thought this was pure coincidence, but I found another one and it had engram grade items again. Eg, saddles with 25 armor, no more, fab shotguns with 300 durability and 100% damage. Game breaking bug, needs fixed. I then tried admin spawning a deep sea loot crate and it had the same results. There's no general bug report thread so I'm just gonna throw it in here. Feel free to test
  13. I literally get a faster download over a VPN server in Australia, literally. So hey, at least I don't ALWAYS have a bad speed. I still can't play on most servers with a stable connection. Fun story here, I used to host a dedi server on Xbox, and any time I tried to join any of my friends' rented servers or non dedicated sessions I couldn't connect and if I did, I got ~200 ping. Yet when they played on my server, they got less than 30 ping and I got close to zero (since I was obv on the same network as the server I was hosting.) The saves got corrupted and most of said friends had moved to
  14. Man, you think that's bad? I barely get 500 KB/s download, and the funny thing is, I'm not *that* far out. And it's not my fault, it's my ISP's fault. Usually I need to leave my machine on overnight to actually let the download complete. Most ISPs in the midwest are just god-awful. Not much any of us can do other than wait.
  15. To be fair you aren't completely wrong but PvE makes up a minority of the actual players in the game. I underestimated the numbers, and ARK usually peaks at about 50k players daily. Even if there's only 10,000 daily players on the official PvP servers, that's still a 1/5 of the population; that's not a 'dead' game by any means. If you want games that are dead, take a look at games that have less than 1,000 daily players. 99 percent of the mega clans that control the servers do NOT use land bases. That's why this thread is relevant. Since the turret nerf, it's been more difficult than ever to p
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