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  1. This criticism in this thread sums up so many of the problems on Official PVP. While I partially agree with many of the map-exclusive tames being somewhat op-op ISH, if they were to lock them to those maps, it would also kill the PVE. However, they could run it only for official servers. Would help change the meta. Other than that, excellent post.
  2. I would have gone into more depth with why I find the Epic store "shady", but one of my main gripes is the lack of features (no shopping cart BTW), the exclusivity deals that, in all regards, really just forces you to download yet another launcher (I already have enough of them, Steam, Origin, Uplay, and GOG, I don't feel like I need ANOTHER to add to the list), and Tim Sweeny's highly "questionable" behavior, and also how the launcher embeds itself in your machine and doesn't uninstall easily. I'm glad you're not being biased though and jumping on me over my reasoning why I feel like ARK on the Epic store isn't the greatest thing that could have ever happened. Yes, maybe in a year or two, Epic MIGHT support mods. But Epic likely won't support mods for ARK by the end of the year unless there is some extreme demand for it. Again, I really appreciate the unbiased perspective from your end, cause I usually get Epic fanboys who jump on me when I state my reasonings behind not downloading the launcher.
  3. I think it's very unlikely that the Epic store version will support mods, as (generally, Epic's store is very lacking) but it doesn't have it's own dedicated mod workshop page like Steam does that really simplifies everything for the player. I never tried the Epic Games Store myself, and I never want to, as there's plenty of things and so many features missing that just make it seem extremely shady. I'm sure that Epic is too busy (or possibly just doesn't feel the need) to actually make their already very lackluster launcher actually support mods, I mean, if it still doesn't have a shopping cart, why would they go out of their way to add mod support for just ONE game?
  4. So... good update... but it really only caters to PC players. So I'll say the things that I feel needed to be said about this update, from a non-biased perspective of someone who has played the game on both Xbox and PC. (And I really feel like the game is virtually unplayable on original consoles due to the poor performance, as I sorta did get the game on Steam to get away from the problems the original consoles had while running this game.) ...You guys putting ARK on the Epic Games Store was likely the worst thing you could have possibly done... I've been playing the game on Xbox since December 2015 and purchased the game on Steam after getting a new PC in August 2018. I've been supporting the game for that long and while the update that's coming is nice, and Crystal Isles is a high quality mod made by some very good developers now being ported to the game as a vanilla map, I have to ask, if Ragnarok, Valgeuro, etc, already STRUGGLES to run on the original Xbox One and PS4, why is there now an EVEN MORE demanding map that's going to be on console? Ragnarok only runs 30 FPS while you're in the middle of the desert staring at nothing, and that's talking on an Xbox One X, not even talking the original, these maps shouldn't really be on console in particular without some SERIOUS optimization fixes, whereas most people who play ARK on Steam have beefy computers anyways or know about graphical tweaks, so they run just fine. Of course, all platforms need the serious optimization, and while I am grateful for much of the optimization we have been getting, there's a reason ARK on PC is just far superior in virtually every way to ARK on console. This is just a little note for all my friends who don't have PCs and therefore play the game on console; Your game is in a terrible state on the original consoles. Maps like Valguero and the events were a good band-aid, but quality always beats out maps and new creatures. You guys at Wildcard need to take a deep look at the state of your game on console (And in many cases PC too, as even that still has some optimization and bug problems), and you guys need to fire the ones who are responsible for turning the console versions into a virtually unplayable 10FPS mess that looks worse than PUBG on console. But now on PC there's going to be people infesting the public servers that fill it with more walls than you see in Fortnite. I would assume many of these people who USE the Epic store are people under the age of 16 and think that Fortnite is a legitimate good game... which IMO... it really doesn't live up to all the hype... Not only does making it free on Epic encourage people to download a worse games store, (I'd suggest looking up why the Epic store is so shady, but I won't go into depth since this is an ARK forum.) It also devalues the game for people who are on Steam. Especially if those people on Steam paid full triple-A price for the game. It's really nice to see the Tropeo coming to the older maps, but what this game really needs now is some serious TLC for outdated creatures that have been in the game since day one. I'm looking mostly at the Carno, Megalodon, (possibly more aquatic creatures that might just need model updates like the Plesi), and some other just downright underpowered stuff that's been either powercreeped or become irrelevant due to the ever changing meta of this game. Of course, that's just a suggestion. If you're going to actually give many of these old dinos any sort of TLC, it has to be balanced towards PVE and PVP. You can't just balance it towards one playerbase and completely screw over the other. Just and example, the Managarmr changes absolutely helped PVP, but now look how much they're used in PVE; almost never. Apologies for my bit of a rant, but I just feel like the game is in sort of an odd state right now, especially after what happened with the full release, which left many people's games unplayable on original consoles.
  5. It's an INI line that you must put in GameUserSettings.ini, it goes as (no quotes) OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0 (if you want level 150 wild level cap) There is no way to do this on console since INI's do not exist, and the "maximum difficulty" checkbox (which had the same aforementioned effect) doesn't work anymore to my knowledge.
  6. You can't. The reason being is that Sony and also Microsoft doesn't allow mods on consoles. Not to mention it'd be taxing on the systems. ARK barely runs on consoles to begin with. EDIT: If you really want mods, you should get ARK on Steam.
  7. What you're mentioning sounds like a graphical bug with Xbox, likely due to it's heavily outdated hardware, and ARK being an overly taxing game not really designed for consoles anyways. This is a known singleplayer bug, my friend. Happens only on consoles for some reason, works fine on PC (Steam, not Windows 10). Alternatively, have you checked to make sure you have allowed player character, dino, etc downloads on the singleplayer settings though? Just to make sure. Tethering is not a bug. It's an intended feature. There used to be a slider to adjust distance (It exists on PC as well, but you can adjust the tether distance.). The reason why it exists is because ARK is a very demanding game. An Xbox One (and even a One X) is essentially a low end PC. Back when you could adjust the tether distance via slider, it would simply increase the amount of crashes you got, heavily decrease framerate, etc, therefore it was removed due to stability reasons. You have 3 options: 1: Deal with it, as many do 2: Rent a server from Nitrado, likely a 10 slot server for just you and your couple of friends you have 3: Buy another Xbox One, host a dedicated server, however, dedicated servers are not reliable and suffer lots of issues as does singleplayer, one of the noteable ones is save files often getting corrupted. I've been there, and it's devastating when it happens, and there's no way to prevent it unless you play on the PC version of the game. I'm aware I mentioned PC twice now in this post, but I play ARK with my friends of both platforms, both Xbox and PC, and I already know which platform is superior. Sure, both have their issues, but one has substantially more than the other. (Xbox)
  8. It seems to be an issue with Xbox One right now with typing in general. Quite common with ingame text chat, even worse with commands.
  9. This is a visual bug. Take your armor off and put it back on, should fix the invisible playermodel.
  10. Known bug; affects both Xbox and PS4. It was fixed on PC a couple days ago, consoles awaiting a fix, likely either in certification or soon to be.
  11. It's a minor visual bug, it's annoying though cause it messes up the hitbox as well, FYI, it also affects PC, not just console.
  12. Check to see if you're playing on Hardcore mode.
  13. Little update here. Not sure if Wildcard is aware that the latest update of theirs has indeed broken mods that remap dinos (the Rock Drake in particular) due to the animation changes. From what I've heard it's on the game's end to keep the compatibility, and there isn't anything that the CF dev can do about it.
  14. Seems like I wasn't the only one. My save file for The Island has exactly one rock drake on it: it was causing the crash upon startup.
  15. Known bug to most right now. Significant but not gamebreaking. You also posted in the wrong thread, just a heads up, this is for Scorched Earth.
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