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  1. All of these bugs happen on a regular basis on consoles. The loss of player characters and structures especially (save file corruption). Not exclusive to just single player though. Happens on dedicated servers (and for that matter, all unofficial servers). Seems to all be console specific issues.
  2. I'm gonna clean up some confusion in these posts and address them with the quotes here. You had a save file corruption. Common occurrence on both Xbox One and PS4. No way to fix, as there's also no way to prevent them, as there is no way to get a save file backup, a feature that's only on the Steam version of the game. It's completely random and it happens on dedicated servers as well, I haven't figured out what causes it, and there's again, no fix for it, but it's most common on Ragnarok, and Valguero. If you're wondering if it happens often, unfortunately, yes. It's very likely you're going to get affected by this again. And it's gotten worse over time. It used to be very rare back early in ARK's lifespan (on console), 2015-through 2017, and then after Ragnarok released on Xbox (Mid-late 2017), a lot of save files got lost on that update. Other fiascos, such as the release of The Center map (Mid 2016) and then Scorched Earth (Late 2016), and finally Aberration, (End of 2017) also corrupted a lot of players' save files. It seems once they would release a new map, it was common for the save files, or others to just get wiped clean for no reason. Especially on consoles. To my knowledge, this never occurred on PC. Unsure of why that's the case. This is *not* a bug, it's how the map was made, no barrier was added below the kill zone to prevent players from flying into it. It's actually just how the skybox on the map works. I avoid Valguero specifically for this reason as I'm too afraid of the kill boundary that's high above the map.
  3. I'm going to post this quote here since I think it's more than appropriate. Sometimes projects like this are more ambitious than they may seem. WC got a lot of backlash for releasing Extinction, being buggy and poorly balanced upon release and not having enough time to polish it well. They likely want to refine this new DLC as much as they possibly can before releasing it. Be patient. I'm more than happy to wait to the end of this year for a stable release. Even minor bugs upon release are better than game breaking ones. It's something called "delayed gratification". Sure, you can make the argument. Delays are annoying. But they aren't doing it on purpose.
  4. I see posts like this all the time. Since I don't want to write an essay, short answer with problem and solution, so high efficiency here. Problem: You're playing on an official server. There's going to be those trash-hards who go around wiping the new players off the map. Solution: Unofficial PvP servers (where the communities are often much less toxic.) or unofficial PvE, where it's often much less of a grind to get anywhere. Overview: ARK takes a long time to get anywhere. Official servers are very grindy. There often is no "safe" spot to confidently stay hidden in. You need to be at your machine all the time to monitor what exactly is going on, and to farm resources. You need people to play the game with, so you can increase your chances of survival against larger groups of players (which ARK is notorious for). This isn't even touching the subject of mega clans that commonly abuse glitches and exploits to their advantage.
  5. Multiple of my buddies who play on Xbox on dedicated servers and rented Nitrado servers are reporting similar issues. I don't think singleplayer is the only mode affected. It's probably a teleportation bug, not the first time I've seen a teleport to 50/50 on the map. As for Singleplayer…. it seems to be absolutely and completely unplayable, as I have tested to find the same issues. Bugs are rampant on ARK on consoles hundreds are submitting bug reports and putting bug report threads up on this forum, what do we get from the developers? Radio silence. You likely had a save file corruption. No way to fix, as consoles do not have save file backups. It happens on consoles far more than it does on PC.
  6. I'd have to brutally agree with this. When you play PvP, let alone official PvP, you have to dedicate a lot of time into not only getting resources and tames, but also to getting an edge on the best base locations for 1: staying hidden, in the case of being solo, or 2: advantageous enough to give you an edge over others that might want to raid you. People are going to go around with naturally strong stuff and wipe new players off the map. It's toxic, yes, but then again, it's ARK, and it's a PvP game. There are going to be those groups of players who wipe new players off the map for fun, if nothing else.
  7. This issue has been on Xbox and PS4 for about a week now, actually. How come is it that the console versions of the game are always the ones to face the most issues? It's just proof that Wildcard does NOT care about the console versions of the game. They have GOT to fix this or they're going to lose a lot of players, quick.
  8. I don't blame you. I don't want to face exploit abuse either. Plus, official PvP is too much for me. Without a large group of friends, it can be a nightmare to get anywhere.
  9. And the other problem is the fact that these balance changes are forced on unofficial and singleplayer games as well. It was the problem with the flyer nerf back in early 2017, while these changes are good for PvP, they are terrible for unofficial servers where people want to play the game in their own way, which is where most of ARK's playerbase is. I'd say about 15-20 percent of ARK's playerbase is still on Official PvP, and a good portion of those people either exploit, or complain about game balancing. In short. The Managarmr melee damage nerfs are all fine in my book. But the jump limit absolutely kills their use. It's not like they already had a pretty brutal stamina drain already, which is what kept them balanced in terms of usage as a travel mount. Regardless, I'm pretty sure trash-hards on official servers are still going to find use to grief with these creatures anyways. The problem isn't how they jump and zip around the battle, the problem is the dive and the damage that comes from that. That's what needs to be nerfed, not the jump limit. It happens all the time with creature rebalance, Wildcard didn't really know what the problem with them was, even though people were complaining about the trash-hards and people who grief. The nerf doesn't affect them at all, it affects the casual players, and not in a good way, therefore it does far more harm than it does good, especially given again, that far more of ARK's playerbase is on unofficial servers. I suggested some pretty good potential counters as well. One of which was related to the phoenix being used as a hard counter, although it would seem a little unfair due to their rarity, it would give a use to a creature that is NEVER used, and it would add relevance to a DLC that is never purchased. Hard counters give reason to use other creatures, and we don't have any current hard counters in the game. Again, proper game balance is what keeps a game alive, you don't just nerf everything into the dirt. Fire related counters make sense. The Managarmr as we know it is pretty much this fluffy ice dragon creature. These aren't really requests by the community. One thing Wildcard does not clearly understand is that the playerbase is just as important to a game as the actual development. The players KNOW what they want for the game, therefore, the developers should absolutely listen to what the players have to say. Also this goes to @invincibleqc and other people who are overall very unhappy with the changes. I can agree just as much that they aren't good for the game. I always pay attention to nerfs, but this has to be one of the bigger recent nerfs, and might be the biggest nerf of 2019 that we have seen in this game. As I said before to Wildcard. Put effort into your game. Put actual, creative hard counters for certain creatures that have a strength and a weakness, the Managarmr was supposed to fill that "glass cannon" sort of role. You don't just nerf something because people complain. You look to see what people are complaining about, and you build off of that and test it and see what exactly makes this overpowered, and how you can rebalance it without nerfing it to the point where it has lost all practical use.
  10. No mods for consoles, and for good reason. Hardware limitations and no dedicated modding tools for Xbox. Ragnarok, The Center, etc do not count as they were sponsored mod maps created by the community that got picked up and thrown into the base game.
  11. Don't expect mods to ever happen on Xbox or PS4. Console hardware limitations, let alone Microsoft's policy with content like that. Although the Xbox One X doesn't have the hardware limitation issue as much, it doesn't mean that Microsoft would ever allow mod support for a game like this, and they very likely are not going to allow any mod support for ARK. EDIT: It's also not like Steam, where there is a dedicated modding tool and workshop for the game. And I wouldn't expect that to happen with Xbox or PS4 either.
  12. If you're doing two different maps, you're okay, you just don't want to use two separate accounts on the same console to play the game. If you're doing two different maps your previous one on The Island will remain unaffected. Doesn't mean you're safe from the occasional save file corruption that can often happen out of nowhere on console.
  13. You had a saved file corruption. It's a large-scale Xbox and PS4 bug that is only made worse due to a lack of any save file backups, it's not like PC where you have backups and direct access to the file directories. Been in the game for years, radio silence from the developers. Happens on player-dedicated servers as well, (I myself have lost 18 months worth of saves due to file corruptions) not just a singleplayer issue. Game over.
  14. Mods are a PC feature only. It usually has to do with the fact of hardware limitations of consoles, but also due to the fact that Microsoft (and Sony) are extremely strict with how mods are actually implemented on consoles. Also, a PC is more versatile because of the fact such tools for modding exist on PC and no on consoles.
  15. Absolute genius. It would give players a reason to use the items in PvP since no one ever uses these items in particular (electric prod and pheromone darts), and open up for much more dynamic gameplay.
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