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  1. I have near top of the line hardware, and if I can even get into the game by some miracle, I get film artifacts, rocks fail to load, etc. I have an i7 8700k and a GTX 1080Ti with 32GB of RAM. The fact one version of the game (steam) runs fine while the Windows 10 version fails to run properly is unacceptable. Sometimes it says the game isn't even in my account. I spent 60 dollars to get this game on Windows 10 and seeing that it does not work at all is completely ridiculous. The Windows 10 version of Ark needs to be fixed, bad. ...or I could just use the R word... *cough* "refund" *cough*. The funny thing is, i'm surprised WC hasn't been sued over this, (and the Switch version, too), "Bait and switch" and selling faulty products actually settles grounds for a class-action lawsuit. (Basically they displayed an awesome trailer for both, and then the actual game is an unplayable mess), It just goes to show, WC does not care about these versions of their game, even though everyone who plays the game has spent a lot of time and money and wants to see the game go well. People tell me the Steam version of Ark is unplayable but it is not anything compared to the Windows 10 version of Ark, which is even more absurd because both run on PC and use the same architecture, except one doesn't have mods and plays with Xbox players. You also may want to list your specs too just so I know what kind of a machine you're running.
  2. Ok man, this is getting a little ridiculous, every time I post anything, you not only give a negative reaction, but you laugh at me like I'm some idiot. You act like just because of the fact I mention PC one time it means all the console players including yourself are going to die. Now if you have an actual concern with this, please leave it in DMs with me. I don't want to have threads get locked or deleted because of someone wanting to derail a topic.
  3. I had all of my dedicated server saves get wiped last year and me and the 7 other people that played on it were completely devastated at the loss. Absolutely devastated. I broke down and got a PC because I was terrified that I was going to have another save file corruption on a singleplayer save and had happened to me multiple times on games other than Ark. It's purely Microsoft's fault at this, since they don't allow people to access any internal files. On PC you can make backups with and revert to the previous save if anything gets corrupted (which, while it still happens on PC, is much, more rare). Xbox hosted Nitrado servers allow this too, but they are outrageously overpriced when PC has much cheaper, and much more reliable hosts you can choose from. If you're smart and willing to invest time into getting components together, you can build an excellent entry level computer for about 500 dollars. Most people aren't going to do that so I suggest going to Nitrado, but I am going to warn you that it's going to be expensive, especially on top of the Xbox Live Gold subscription people are forced to pay to even play their games they had already paid for. Apologies for any PC elitism.
  4. You had a saved file corruption. I had this happen a few times last year and in this year too. It's a game breaking bug that has existed in Ark on console forever and has always gone to be completely ignored by the game developers. With no way to back up any saves, it's a real bummer when it actually happens because you literally have to just start from scratch. Game over.
  5. It's a minor bug that's been around on Xbox for a long time (since day one) and at this point, I doubt it's going to be fixed. You're talking about the issue where you get a black screen after loading in and can't do anything?
  6. There's two things that I think that should be noted here. All the platforms have had some pretty annoying bugs. It depends on the platform and where you're playing, but some are small, others are visual bugs, and others are flat out game breaking. Mainly they should focus on trying to get every platform as well optimized and as polished and has the least amount of bugs as possible, so not only old players who quit due to the bugs come back but also then, so they can focus on adding new content and the game is generally more smooth and fun to play... Sadly advice like this never gets around to Wildcard.
  7. About this year's bugs being fixed? I just think the game could be so much better if you guys are actually willing to put effort into fixing the existing problems in the game along with optimizing it, too. Then, I think it'd be more worthy of a post like this.
  8. I don't think I could agree more. I think it's some sort of conspiracy marketing plan because the console versions of the game fall far behind the Steam version in terms of core functionality, and yet the console versions actually cost 60USD while the Steam version costs 50USD and has way more options in renting servers that are far cheaper and far more reliable while being more consumer friendly. How's that for detail? I just think that it's hilarious that a ton of people bought another console to host their own dedicated server (like myself) then a few months later, Nitrado servers came out and afterwards, I was experiencing more issues with my dedicated server than ever before. The whole thing could barely run two hours without crashing. I just think the biggest insult is the Windows 10 Play Anywhere version, you can buy a top of the line computer and you will have an unplayable experience simply because of the bugs and glitches. I'm sure even Fallout 76 is more playable than Ark on Windows 10. I don't think there's really much of an excuse because it's literally the same as the Steam version in terms of how it runs on your computer. My final verdict though is all the platforms, every single one of them need a lot of work to ensure that the game is as playable as possible for all users without one platform being worse while another is better. The console versions barely even run on current gen consoles. Optimizing all of them though is key because I think a polished game will beat out a game with a lot of content every time.
  9. It doesn't work on the RTX graphics cards. I got my computer before RTX was even a thing and I am pretty happy that I did because I have tested probably a dozen different machines with RTX graphics cards (because of people I know in the real world) and ARK failed to run on all of them. So yes, PC has it's problems too, but it's absolutely nothing compared to console. I do think all the platforms need to have their problems addressed and once that happens, Ark has the potential to be something huge, it's just that the developers are not willing to put that effort into their game.
  10. Bump. Well crap. This is a minor bug that would take just a few minutes and seeing that it has not been fixed yet is irritating. Commands used to work fine in the last few updates and now this one in particular just refuses to work. Now sure, you can just still use InfiniteStats but that won't save you from large amounts of direct damage. I was hoping to make a cinematic as of recent with a few friends of mine but I don't think I'll be able to do it just because of this without having to cut a bunch of the parts out. Seriously WC, minor bug, but please fix it. It wouldn't take anyone that long to fix. Also my bug report ticket has gone unaddressed LOL.
  11. Do the command "EnemyInvisible true". Replace True with False to disable it. Basically it just makes it so nothing will aggro onto you and (as of recent) turrets will not fire at you. Hope this helps.
  12. You can't, and even if you were to find a way to, Microsoft would likely ban your console. I wouldn't chance it especially when most games barely run on a normal Xbox One. I've mainly noticed they refuse to respond to console players. I see posts like this all the time with obvious issues and they refuse to address any of them. As I have said many times in the past, the crashes are simply down to lack of resources but also due to Wildcard's terrible optimization. While I've noticed the game performs way better on PC due to more RAM and graphics memory (which ARK needs a LOT of) it still crashes (albeit rarely) on even high range computers, which is inexcusable. It's 2019, and we're in the third year of the full release installment of ARK and yet Wildcard still treats it like it's an Early Access game. Well, where's the "early access" excuse now? I'm fine with the current content ARK has, what I am not fine with is the lack of polishing. I'd take quality over quantity any day of my life. I don't like being a PC elitist but I switched for a good reason, I still do think it's bad to see that console is treated as bad as it is. All the platforms need a lot of work. Every one of them. And let's not even touch on the topic of ARK on the Switch.
  13. I've had the Xbox One X myself and notice the same problem. Sometimes it would run fine but other times I would notice strange flickering and film artifacting. I've had it happen with multiple consoles in the past. My other XB One I used to use only has this issue on Ark and never gets film artifacting or tearing on any other game. I think it may just be down to the terrible optimization of the game and the fact that consoles really aren't designed to run games as resource heavy as ARK.
  14. Issues like these have been in the Windows 10 crossplay version of the game. Judging how you're playing it in Singleplayer with "no issues" you might as well just play the game on Steam where the rocks in the distance actually render and where fixes for issues affecting the Windows 10 version are actually in order and working as intended... ...Or it could also be your graphics card going out, I've seen flickering and film artifacting on aging GPUs.
  15. It's down to the lack of RAM (8gb on current gen consoles) and general hardware limitations. Most people who play on PC invest into a more powerful machine that has more resources for the game engine to utilize. ARK is a very demanding game and current gen consoles struggle to run it, and won't ever perform well without a ton of work from Wildcard.
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