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  1. These didn't make it onto OP's list but, the idea of Carno and Megalodon TLC - if even a slight model update and tweaks to their abilities. EDIT: Basically every other underwater creature needs TLC too! I think the game would also benefit from more mid-size ocean dinos (Kronosaurus anyone?!) but that's a topic for another day.
  2. Bump. Just got the crash again today. Not sure if a moderator can move this to the "Bug Reports" thread.
  3. Currently having the exact same crash after about anywhere from 10 minutes to more of playtime with seemingly no correlation. I remember a similar bug for ASE but I don't remember when they fixed it because I wasn't playing ARK at the time. Also did a clean-install of my drivers to narrow down the issue, didn't fix. Seems to be a random bug rather than on your end.
  4. To be completely honest, I regret buying ASA day one rather than waiting and giving it a couple of months. Not just because my hardware is rather dated by now but just to see what people had to say. But I decided to cave and buy ASA anyways, in fact, the only reason being is that I wouldn't have to pay again for DLC I'd already purchased on the original game. Long story short I've been playing ARK since it released. Not on PC but on Xbox, I switched to PC before the release of Extinction in mid 2018. So I could be considered the definition of an original ARK player. And I remember how bad the launch was, particularly on consoles. When I switched it was like a breath of fresh air in a desert, so when I heard they were remaking the game I was pretty excited. (Minus the fact they backtracked on it originally being free, but at the very least I was pleased about not needing to pay for DLC again.) Aside from the rough launch in terms of technical issues, what made me even more upset was the fact that Wildcard signed the agreement with Nitrado. NOBODY that I know has the money to rent a three map, 20 player server for my entire friend group. It's just too much. Not to mention Nitrado's faults compared to the (At the time) other server providers for ASE. But the biggest disappointment of this is the fact that WE CANNOT HOST OUR OWN DEDICATED SERVER ANYMORE. ARK is a game which built it's foundations on community run servers and to see Wildcard backtrack on this is mindboggling. On the topic of technical issues, Players like me are also upset because we were essentially promised a better launch than the original game and that it would be far more optimized, and I can tell you it is anything but. We're upset because Wildcard has made some of the same mistakes as before, heck, there are BUGS in ASA right now that were present in the original game! Needless to say, despite the really likeable QoL features, ASA is in a really bad state right now. Random crashes, a ton of visual bugs, and some features just not working correctly that worked fine in the original game (Such as flyer speed leveling or gamma keybinds). I want this definitive edition of ARK to succeed, for people to continue to experience a game we loved. Games like this NEED to have a decent launch. You can't keep your players glued on nostalgia forever. I feel betrayed as a year-one player...
  5. You guys screwed over your Steam playerbase ever since you ported the game to Epic and incorporated EOS, now it's impossible to connect properly to any servers, official or unofficial, not to mention Epic's incredibly shady data scraping they incorporate with it. This is just a kick in the teeth. Either way, Stadia is a real bust, I appreciate the fact that WC wants to port the game to as many platforms as possible, but the game BARELY runs on consoles, is near-unplayable on the initial Xbox and PS4, and it should have waited for when the Series X and PS5 were available, which, it still runs really badly on, more of this R&D crunchtime should be put into making the game run as smoothly as possible on ALL platforms, even PC STILL has performance issues.
  6. So... good update... but it really only caters to PC players. So I'll say the things that I feel needed to be said about this update, from a non-biased perspective of someone who has played the game on both Xbox and PC. (And I really feel like the game is virtually unplayable on original consoles due to the poor performance, as I sorta did get the game on Steam to get away from the problems the original consoles had while running this game.) ...You guys putting ARK on the Epic Games Store was likely the worst thing you could have possibly done... I've been playing the game on Xbox since December 2015 and purchased the game on Steam after getting a new PC in August 2018. I've been supporting the game for that long and while the update that's coming is nice, and Crystal Isles is a high quality mod made by some very good developers now being ported to the game as a vanilla map, I have to ask, if Ragnarok, Valgeuro, etc, already STRUGGLES to run on the original Xbox One and PS4, why is there now an EVEN MORE demanding map that's going to be on console? Ragnarok only runs 30 FPS while you're in the middle of the desert staring at nothing, and that's talking on an Xbox One X, not even talking the original, these maps shouldn't really be on console in particular without some SERIOUS optimization fixes, whereas most people who play ARK on Steam have beefy computers anyways or know about graphical tweaks, so they run just fine. Of course, all platforms need the serious optimization, and while I am grateful for much of the optimization we have been getting, there's a reason ARK on PC is just far superior in virtually every way to ARK on console. This is just a little note for all my friends who don't have PCs and therefore play the game on console; Your game is in a terrible state on the original consoles. Maps like Valguero and the events were a good band-aid, but quality always beats out maps and new creatures. You guys at Wildcard need to take a deep look at the state of your game on console (And in many cases PC too, as even that still has some optimization and bug problems), and you guys need to fire the ones who are responsible for turning the console versions into a virtually unplayable 10FPS mess that looks worse than PUBG on console. But now on PC there's going to be people infesting the public servers that fill it with more walls than you see in Fortnite. I would assume many of these people who USE the Epic store are people under the age of 16 and think that Fortnite is a legitimate good game... which IMO... it really doesn't live up to all the hype... Not only does making it free on Epic encourage people to download a worse games store, (I'd suggest looking up why the Epic store is so shady, but I won't go into depth since this is an ARK forum.) It also devalues the game for people who are on Steam. Especially if those people on Steam paid full triple-A price for the game. It's really nice to see the Tropeo coming to the older maps, but what this game really needs now is some serious TLC for outdated creatures that have been in the game since day one. I'm looking mostly at the Carno, Megalodon, (possibly more aquatic creatures that might just need model updates like the Plesi), and some other just downright underpowered stuff that's been either powercreeped or become irrelevant due to the ever changing meta of this game. Of course, that's just a suggestion. If you're going to actually give many of these old dinos any sort of TLC, it has to be balanced towards PVE and PVP. You can't just balance it towards one playerbase and completely screw over the other. Just and example, the Managarmr changes absolutely helped PVP, but now look how much they're used in PVE; almost never. Apologies for my bit of a rant, but I just feel like the game is in sort of an odd state right now, especially after what happened with the full release, which left many people's games unplayable on original consoles.
  7. I'm going to post this quote here since I think it's more than appropriate. Sometimes projects like this are more ambitious than they may seem. WC got a lot of backlash for releasing Extinction, being buggy and poorly balanced upon release and not having enough time to polish it well. They likely want to refine this new DLC as much as they possibly can before releasing it. Be patient. I'm more than happy to wait to the end of this year for a stable release. Even minor bugs upon release are better than game breaking ones. It's something called "delayed gratification". Sure, you can make the argument. Delays are annoying. But they aren't doing it on purpose.
  8. About this year's bugs being fixed? I just think the game could be so much better if you guys are actually willing to put effort into fixing the existing problems in the game along with optimizing it, too. Then, I think it'd be more worthy of a post like this.
  9. You know, with the current meta, it may not be that bad of an option. I think that it should be a low armor value though so it will not hurt the non meta tribes. I also agree, drakes are far too weak and do need a damage buff.
  10. Someone needs to go out there and address the godmode command disabling itself when you ride a creature.
  11. I also think the range nerf for the Managarmr was a... bit too much. Yes, the inability to freeze at distance is well deserved and needed, but the damage nerf is bad, it should do like 2 damage at what was the max range before the nerf. Though, I strongly recommend that they are not allowed on Aberration, they are too much on there since they have almost no hard counters. You shouldn't just hard nerf them, be more creative with nerfs or counters so they can still be useful (and encourage use of other creatures!)
  12. Indeed you are correct. I hope it gets fixed or changed so it only occurs at a much greater distance (where in that case, it is done for performance), i'm a little tired of having my basilisk look partly like a box XD. Things like this are easy to fix in about five minutes (talking about PC, consoles not so much :P). I also mentioned the god-mode bug in my previous post and I'm unsure if that is fixed either.
  13. Anyone care to elaborate what "LOD iteration" means? I hope this doesn't mean ridiculous levels of scaling down resolution and fidelity of distant objects like what we see on some things. Also, is the singleplayer/non dedicated bug where godmode disables itself upon mounting a creature going to be fixed? It's a pretty game breaking bug for mod testers and singleplayer users.
  14. Yet nothing that is said about trying to provide a "fair, fun, and safe environment" is being done, ARK is still one of the worst exploited games and nothing is being done to fix any of it, also the bugtesting and optimization is still amongst the worst anyone has seen for a Triple-A game.
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