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  1. I've since switched to my Ps4 when full game went on sale on the EU store. I remote play it on my other devices so I have no use for this version anymore sadly. Maybe if graphic improvements and the expansions ever come, I'll just enjoy the full game now instead of hoping.
  2. Just saw the sale on EU ark on ps4 and snapped up main game and season pass. Still will hold on to switch longer as I put 100hrs into it. Until I transition to Extinction ?
  3. Here is the most honest opinion you will ever get as a owner of the switch version. If you like ark. Buy it. If you like portability with the full game; Buy it. No one should care about updates or about the bugs.You guys may or may not remember that back in the 90s UPDATES didn't exist in a videogames. There was no such thing as DLC. The game was the final product. If you can try to see that, you will get full enjoyment out of the game as you would on any other platform.
  4. Handheld mode screenshot from my single player game. It's hard to sell this game on the screen shots alone. It actually isn't as bad as that while playing. This is the handheld mode and it does require a lot of buffering for the scenery. It's very blurring and to be honest I couldn't make out the silhouette of other players online a lot of times. I can still play/enjoy the game most of the time, especially when I'm not running through the forest. Usually when I'm in one area crafting or base building. I'm not completely defending wild card on this is this port looks like poope but I still cant seem to put the game down. They just need to optimise it more and I'm sure it could be a big money maker for them with the success of the switch.
  5. Thank you for this message. Please continue to support Nintendo Switch Version. Don't give up. Just need it optimised and all expansion on it. Atlas look great!
  6. Your optimism somehow inspired me to buy the game again and give it another try. I know the graphics are terrible but honestly not bad enough to enjoy the game. I've tried Ark extinction on a intel M processor with some success. A few minor tweaks and I was able to get simple shadows, AA and other effects working along with a good bareable frame rate. The Tegra is not far off in power there is no reason for them not to optimise this further. They can make more money make more money.
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