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  1. We have over 27 packs in the TC reward vault plus a free welcome pack!
  2. I have enabled gamma and added a new mod Eco's RP decor.
  3. I have unlocked all engrams so solo players can enjoy the game also.
  4. We need some pvp tribes to get started,but as always we welcome all players.
  5. Lots of free land to get your favorite building spot
  6. This server cluster is permanent,there will be no monthly wipes.
  7. Red Death Gaming is a community based in the eastern USA and we are dedicated to providing our community members with the best gaming experience possible. This is a new Ark server cluster so fresh starts for everyone,yay! (sarcasm) .....however we are not new to running a server our staff is friendly,mature,and fair. We have a community Discord and steam group that are updated regularly just click on the words to check them out.Our servers are PC based, If you have any other questions please ask! Now without further ado here is the information you wanted in the first place: Cluster Rules: 1. you MUST add a tag of [PVE] or [PVP] in your tribes name upon making one.ALL tribes must contain one of these tags. 2. A tribe may only change their tribe name once every 30 days,this includes switching the tribe from [PVP] to [PVE]. 3. PVP is only allowed if both participating players/tribes agree.By adding the [PVP] tag to your tribe's name or entering a tribe with the [PVP] tag you automatically agree to pvp and are fair game. 4. DO NOT attack any tribe with a [PVE] tag in their name, this includes tribe members,bases,structures,and tames. [PVE] tribes MAY NOT attack [PVP] tribes,players,structures,bases,or tames.By choosing a [PVE] tribe you agree to stay pve. 5.All bases have a right to defense regardless if pvp or pve so be aware of your surroundings! If you are pvp and get taken out by a pve base defense or vice versa. it's your fault there will be no retaliation. 6. NO harassment of ANY kind will be tolerated! 7. Please screenshot or video any harassment/ rule breaking and the offender will be reprimanded and or banned. Cluster Rates XPMultiplier =4 TamingSpeedMultiplier =4 HarvestAmountMultiplier =4 MatingIntervalMultiplier =1.0 EggHatchSpeedMultiplier =2.0 BabyMatureSpeedMultiplie r=3.0 Cluster Mods Redwoods Anywhere Structures plus Super spyglass Dino tracker TC reward vault Editable server UI Dino Paint station Ultra Stacks Platforms anywhere Hair and Emotes classic flyers DLC & TEK Engram Unlocker CT reuseable items Eco's RP decor Bitou2k's Kibble: Craft Station Mods Download page Maps and address Ragnarok (Main server)- red-deathgaming.serverblend.com:28107 Extinction ( clustered server)- red-deathgaming.serverblend.com:28117