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    Hi there ARK guys , let me introduce myself first before i start this "sad story". My name is Vianor i'm 30 yo guy from Switzerland [Italian side] , i played this game on every single and possible mode : [PVPVE] - Official servers , Unofficial , Moded etc... , i am at a point that i really wanna find a guy that is willing to play in a DUO with me on Small Tribe servers , it doesn't matter the map [i have all DLC's] , i wanna start out from scratch , building a small hidden base then get bigger and bigger , and who knows maybe get more guys inside the tribe that are willing to do same thing , i don't want people that are bored already of the game , i have 1.2k hours and i think myself a newcomer , im not bored of the game , im bored to play solo cuz i wanna chat , share , and talk about opinions , about the game , about anything. I'm not asking you to play 24 / 7 , just to enjoy the game as much as i do right now. I have plenty of time cuz of the work i do , i can play from home and from the office aswell. I am a serious guy that is very committed and determinated to learn more and more about this game cuz it's amazing. I can speak 4 languages so feel free to add me on discord : VianoRe#5718 or my discord server : https://discord.gg/U8HGwqu. If u find me online u can join directly the channels and we can talk. Thank you!

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    Just a small tribe which aims to tame a few of every creature.

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    We are currently setting up on small tribes PC but to build on good spots and big caves we need more people otherwise we can easely get wiped while building up. https://discord.gg/Vyg246

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    Hello there guys! I used to play solo by myself to gain more and more experience in this game , to figure out thing , now i decided to try out PVE and PVP servers but seems like no one is willing to accept new players so here i am again playing this awesome game by myself , i'm a "medium" player at this game not a PRO but i hope we can learn together more and more about this game.My name is Vianor i'm 30 yo , friendly and devoted gamer and asking you right now : Who wants me in a small tribe official/unofficial server ?

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