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  1. Rockwell is probably the easiest. I believe the cactus broth method still works. The hardest part is getting the tributes to summon him. I think Rockwell prime can be done with pretty minimalist gear but I’m not certain about the best strategies
  2. I dont think zomdodos are gonna stay after the event. The post didnt mention them like wyverns and they didnt stick around last year
  3. Event dinos are usually removed from the game after the event ends. Dodowyvern and zomdodos will likely be gone. Your dodorex will likely stay though, since its a permanent part of the game since gen2.
  4. Shotguns are probably the best for their price if you have a ton of metal, although metal ain’t easy on rag. Remember to use a toilet xp buff, broth of enlightenment, and grind your shotguns to get some materials back. I think you’re better off hunting spinos/wyverns/alphas
  5. It seems like they have a different speed stat (ie wasted/invisible points). The 213 probably has an extra point in speed. So if you just breed together the two 213s they should have 213 babies 100% of the time unless is a mutation
  6. You can prevent bleed by feeding your giga wyvern milk. Useful if you don’t have an owl to heal or are using a wimpy giga
  7. You still have rockwell, king titan, center, and valgyero fights you can do. After that you can maybe try to get all explorer notes if you're into that. Or just have fun building, a mobile base on a platform is fun.
  8. If you’ve beat rockwell the tek sleeping pod will give you good xp while offline. Killing wild wyverns and alpha dinos is pretty rewarding. You may want to start breeding, killing babies gives a ton. Gigas, x-spinos, and wyverns are most rewarding if you can get your hands on some. Try to do all your killing when you have explorer notes, mission xp buff, toilet buff, and broth of enlightenment active
  9. Procoptodon are probably your best mode of transport. You’ll have to do a lot of resource harvesting by hand because Dino transport will be hard, rafts and karkinos are still available though.
  10. The females stats are completely irrelevant when mutation breeding, as long as they're 0 mutations. I'd personally recommend mutating one stat at a time and including your best weight and stamina stats too.
  11. Breeding will give a ton of xp when you cull the babies. Gigas and x-spinos are the most rewarding. Remember to have broth of enlightenment, toilet, and explorer notes active when you farm xp.
  12. Flak is usually much better. It costs almost nothing and you only have to fear KO's from troodons. You can also craft like 20 sets of your best bps until you get lucky with the crafting bonus. I don't have a ton of pvp experience but the disposability of flak made it way better there too. I've only used riot when I get a free piece from a drop
  13. Grow a bunch of plant species R-1
  14. Have you found any consistent cause? The only time I've had this happen is during extinction titan fights, I uncryo the stego and it won't heal.
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