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  1. If you want to play together without the interference of strangers you could rent your own server, or try your luck finding a good official server and tolerate those around you. If you didnt know, if do choose an official make sure you join the same one, they're numbered, and you should definetley choose a PVE server. Spawning is random but if you choose the same spawn zone you'll be close. When you make your first bed, anyone in your tribe can spawn at it, so you can always respawn at your base.
  2. There should be an option that says Attack My Target by default, that can be changed to passive
  3. It performed horribly. The rider has no protection from the flock, and buildings on the platform cant extend to cover them. The gunners can straight up be attacked by the titans attacks, didn't even have time to test if flock would target because I'd die so fast. The turrets also seemed to do very little in terms of damage. Pretty dissapointing
  4. The whale isn’t very fast so the flock could cause problems. Not sure if the passengers are venerable but if not it would definitely work. I’ll probably test this on singeplayer later cause it sounds interesting
  5. Because PvP servers are more toxic than lakes at Chernobyl
  6. Why does each mission need to be done 3 times? I've been working towards the genesis final boss and I find it annoying that you need to complete each mission on multiple difficulties to reach 168. I don't get why I'd need to do gamma and beta if I proved I can handle alpha. Am I missing something or is this absurdly grindy, even for ark standards.
  7. Wouldn't recommend it. Any cave you could do with it you could probably just do naked on foot.
  8. The cryopod idea seems really interesting, as well as the others. Would give defenders the edge and adds more of element to raids than staring at the turret wall of an offline base.
  9. You can try to just shoot it from a tall cliff or grappled to a bird, but that’s very unlikely to work. Once it starts running you won’t be able to land all your shots and it’s torpor may start to drop, or it may turn around and eat you if your chasing it. Better get an anky and work on getting some metal.
  10. You can report them but it’s unlikely anything will happen. Just never invite people to your tribe unless you’ve known them a long time
  11. Without limits on things like dinos/structures there would be too much lag. A tribe can already have 500 gigas lagging out the whole server, so even more would cause issues.
  12. Best pvp monent is getting beaten with a club by a 2 ft tall man with arms that are so long they drag across the floor mere seconds after spawning. That never gets old
  13. Just a few tips, remember to use mindwipe tonics to max out your crafting skill. Element dust is one of the best things to use in a recipe, for both food and water. My recipe uses 5 dust and gives over 100 food/water.
  14. They're pretty good for travel, but not much to gain by hardcore breeding them. They already have really good stamina, and since you aren't gonna be bringing them into combat, the other stats aren't very important. Getting some with an imprint bonus is nice though. Manas have a lot to gain from breeding, since they really benefit from extra stam, and extra melee and hp makes em useful for killing things to death.
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