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  1. Save the Players of Official Server What happened to Official Server Some players use illegal means to kill all players. They can be transferred to other locations. Dinosaurs can be downloaded from the BOSS Challenge Every bullet hits you in the head Use your soul to enter your home for investigation They sell dinosaurs in Island -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They are a group of businessmen who control a server illegally. They will kill all those who stand in their way. Nowadays, the whole group server can't survive for ordinary players. They are active in PVP6 PVP1 and PVP4. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Save us
  2. 服务器名称:PVP-官方-像差-ARK袖珍5 我的名字:改变 我的部落:小了白了兔 我现在在线,这样管理员就可以把它发送到我的位置了。
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