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  1. who knows, so many possibilities in this game
  2. To be honest man I get where your coming from but this game just has so many interesting aspects for you that even if you are the best on your server there is still something for you to do. Ya its laggy and WC might be a little slow but I hate to break it to you, welcome to Ark, just because this isn't a triple A game doesn't mean you can just go ranting about because it wasn't made by some huge company.
  3. I like using a trap like a griffin trap works for just about everything if your gonna use behemoth gates or regular, need 7 gates and 2 doors, place the two gates with doors on the sides then fill in the middle with the other 5, its a bit trickier than using a conventional trap but I personally like and find it better and more effective for taming.
  4. if you wanna stay to center water or cave drops but it is way more common for good rex bps to be found on island caves or purple drops on ext
  5. its easiest to make a trap like how dink suggested because that way when your tranqing it wont run away when its close to being KO'd
  6. everyone on legacy has like over 5000 hours so the communities there are always better than official
  7. just stick with it man, it will take a while to get good but its worth it, if your on official then their is usually people who will help you out, give you some good gear unless you want to do things by yourself and in that case ya it will take a minute to get good, just gotta build in a generally safe place and with flyer land before you run out of stam so you can choose where you want to land
  8. most pve rag maps all the good base locations are taken, there are some cool caves you can build in all over the map
  9. rag boss is easy just need the damn manti to land
  10. in the redwoods by red obi
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