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  1. I just want to be able to block/mute people. You would think it would go on your changelog for consideration, but it's not on there at all, even with a "we discussed it and can't/won't do it for x,y,z" reason. This makes me think it was a deliberate design choice. Is that the case? It must be the case because this isn't the first time or the last it will be mentioned, if not by me, by someone else. You know what? That makes me sad because I truly enjoy this game. Yes, you have a report mechanism. And no, I don't have proof of what happened because I was an idiot about that and too nice by half. I really didn't expect things to get to this point, but they did, and I should have proof, but I don't. So making an actual complaint about the individual in question seems sort of pointless and futile. However, my overall point shouldn't be. It just seems to me though that my whole situation (and others like it) could have been avoided at the start if either I or the other party could have just muted each other to begin with. That I wouldn't be sitting here, having to give up a game I really love and refund the expansion I just bought because you for some reason (and I have no idea what is going through your heads because none of you will comment on it) won't implement anything that lets us manage how we communicate with people in the game, even in PVE (you expect assholery in PVP really). I can sit here and theorize why that is, but I truly don't know. However, people should not be able to force you to endure their company or give up whatever you've built and how hard you have worked in PVE. Those shouldn't be the only two choices, as that person is apparently more than willing to make you pay for even communicating in global, for being present at all unless you are willing to interact with them. That's not fair, and there's enough of that crap in real life I don't think it's needed in something that's supposed to be a game that you do for fun. Yo edgelords, please feel free to comment on how I am a butthurt little crybaby and whatever. To the devs - I just think it would be easier for everyone involved, including your helpdesk, if there was a mechanism for this in game. Yeah part of it is selfish. But there is an overall reason I think why most games include the ability to block/ignore people and I have no idea why you've chosen to disregard that.
  2. "Give me a rex! I'm new give me a rex!" "How are you all my n***ers" "I am a goddamn dragon (yes a real dragon) and you must pay attention to me, otherwise I will harass the whole goddamn server until they make you do so."
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