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  1. They are EVERYWHERE, spawning in hordes of 6-10. When you are on a tuso they get stuck inside its head and the tuso cannot move at all nor hit them. Ive lost 3 tusos this way. It is very frustrating, when they swam you the tuso cant move because they collide with the head and you cannot swim away no matter what and it is very broken. Move them into caves only or something
  2. I play on server NA SMALL TRIBES 9090 and it has been down for 4 hours now. I have counted about 12 other small tribe servers that will come up for a few hours and go down for a few hours.. How the actual reptar are you guys a multi million dollar company and a triple A title.. yet cant even have a reptaring server function for more than 5 hours without dying.. then taking another 4 hours just to bring it back. I am not understanding how you guys fail this hard at everything you do. the game its self if perfect, couple crashes here and there, lag out if you lay in a bed wrong etc. but the server issues are awful and you guys need to go back to whatever IT schools you went to for game development and learn how to setup a proper functioning server.
  3. I was playing NA Small tribes 9088 when it went down for the new patch. Ever since it went down It has not come back up and I am notice some servers are on build 25.19 which isnt even supposed to be out.. How do you manage to keep your own server down for 5+ hours. now all that progress gone.
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