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  1. It was singleplayer thank you xD. I think it was something with the map border.
  2. Owl pallets indeed work to make it better, but i already knew that. It still doesnt drop as in the release, but its enough to work with. thanks!
  3. We’re a unofficial server, so we use the S+ item collector for that and soon the gacha gavager. thanks anyway! I appreciate it a lot.
  4. Thanks for replying in the first place. I indeed know a lot of this already and i was wondering if there was more, sadly it doesnt look like it. I can confirm the way of working, i’v hatched 2 element dust gachas already now! The sad thing is.. they both died cuz my tribemate didn’t feed them, but anyway, the strat works and i’m already going for the 3thhatch to let it survive this time xD. I am the admin of the server i play on and the stat levelups are increased in our server, i already have a 300 crafting skill gacha, but thats not the problem xP. Thanks again!
  5. Random death? Hi lads and gents! Little question here: so i once flew around with my mana in singleplayer and randomly i died in the middle of the air, the mana also died, it felt like i hit some invisible barrier that instantkills you. is this just the map border or is this a bug? I’m too scared to try it again.
  6. Probably the 250,7% tuso saddle i onve got, that thing got unbeatable!
  7. Gacha bugs and questions. Hey everybody. I’v started to play ARK again and i am trying to get an element dust gacha, i already know those are super rare and i was wondering you people could help me find the best way to get an element dust gacha ASAP. Also i’v been taming gacha’s some months ago in my singleplayer, the gacha’s now drop far less crystals than the ones back then, i know they nerfed the items out of the crystals but i didnt hear about a drop nerf? Because now they drop a crystal every 5th time they eat or something. Also my gacha’s won’t gather recourses now, its very weird because gamepedia says should collect something from any type of thing (like bushes, trees and stones) Are those bugs? I hope you people can help me!
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