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  1. Elijahhunter

    problem with fast traveling

    SO ive relocated a base to the top right side of the map and I needed to fast travel to my other base which is at the bottom of the map. when finally get back ( by swimming my meg to the new base) when I come back my stuff is gone. I can't find it anywhere in my house. please help.Ii had full flax armor dyed red, a fabricated pistol with 123 shots, and the most important my sword which has the purple like enchantment if that makes sence.
  2. Elijahhunter


    So I've been trying to get my sisters to play mobile ark with me. they finally agreed but for some reason the couldn't download the game on their android device. It said that the version of the game is not compatible or something like that. so how can i get them the game they use a Motorola
  3. Elijahhunter

    What should be added to ark Mobile

    HEY, people, I created this chat because I wanted to talk about what people think should be added to Ark mobile. I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of chats like this but I couldn't find any. But never mind that here is what I think: 1 Thylacoleo 2 Ragnarok 3 UNLIMITED TAMES 4 if the island is going to be the only map why not have Wyverns and dessert on the island
  4. Elijahhunter

    It’s broken

    My level is 67 or 66. The griffins level is level 9.Ohhhh ok so I guess I have to fly all the way back home then ?
  5. Elijahhunter

    It’s broken

    I need the devs
  6. Elijahhunter

    It’s broken

    You. Any get griffin kibble without a griffin
  7. Elijahhunter

    It’s broken

    A d I have my own dodo dex
  8. Elijahhunter

    It’s broken

    I’m sure it’s allo kibble. I spent 3 hours trying to get some.
  9. Elijahhunter

    It’s broken

    Hi developers: so i asked you guys how to tame a griffin. You said to use allo kibble which I’ve been using but the griffin isent taming even on 0 hunger. It’s started to die so I feed it some ?. I need help. This is on my mobile account Btw
  10. Elijahhunter

    Plants and time

    So I’ve recently had a problem with griffins but now I’m having trouble growing Savoroot for kibble. I’ve looked at the wiki and the steam page to see how long it takes for it to grow. But I wanted to ask you developers what the eczact time it takes ?
  11. Elijahhunter

    Griffins.. HELP

    Ok I’ll try
  12. Elijahhunter

    Griffins.. HELP

    I’m on Mobile btw
  13. Elijahhunter

    Griffins.. HELP

    So I’ve been wanting to tame a griffin but I can never get the griffin to eat prime meat. I know that they like allo kibble and raw mutton better but but I can’t find any sheep and I can’t get allo kibble any time soon. Pls tell me there is another food that they eat so I can get myself a griffin?
  14. Elijahhunter


    Oh and one thing.. will mods be added????????
  15. Elijahhunter


    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I had no idea. Sorry for waisting your time dev