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  1. So I started playing crystal isles which is a great map so far. I’ve been trying to tame a karkinos and it hasn’t been working. I’m using the same trap as always and when I shoot the crab with boulder on its head or anywhere I’m not getting any hit markers. Please fix this ASAP
  2. Guess they realized quick they rolled server back an hr
  3. Update deleted my character just now So just going along playing the game and this update they just did erased all my tribes and probably servers peoples characters. So now our babies are gonna die our generators are gonna run out of ele and our base is a loss. Great job again ark. Losing more people now
  4. Ffs can they just hire people that give a poop lmao
  5. Ark Official PS4 Reaper Bug So there is yet another bug. I got pregnant by a 135 reaper queen and my timer doesn’t move nor do I gain any lvls for it when I kill stuff. I relogged and even restarted app and nothing. Great time for this during an event. This game has so much potential but ffs y’all fix one thing and break 10 more. People still have dupped items, tames, etc. Is meshing truly fixed because I hear if you close app during loading it stops the mesh defense somehow. Maybe y’all should outsource fixes to the community because I think they would do a better job then whoever y’all go
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