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  1. Thanks. I have discovered covered its not so bad with the balm and kibble taming.
  2. How to change tame rate on mobile I'm thinking about starting a private mobile sever, however I have not found any way to adjust taming speed/rate. Is there a way to change taming speed on the mobile platform? Thanks
  3. Hey heightz, we would like to try you out on our tribe. We are looking for novice players we can bring up and teach what we have experienced. We are looking for supporting tribe mates to follow orders and collect resources as we build up our defences. This isn't to say that is all you will be doing, we understand that the grind can be boring so do spend time to unwind. A little info about our tribe: we are not alpha, more lower mid tier tribe. We own decent real estate and trying to expand. We are a very small group with a history, which i can fill you in if you decide to join . Our sever has a monthly event "Purge" . Message me back or at dx steele on xbox, or na sever 393 tribe: dx , the big lake by the red obelisk. 

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