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  1. probably...its like the first signs of a slow death.....to bad this game had promise.
  2. hopefully we will get some info on primal survival. this will become the best game once its released...
  3. what i do is level my character high unlock the weapons use abandoned bases as my own make the weapons and armor and raid young tribes.... because i cant ever get far playing nice so iv become a raiding ass. i still your poop kill you hide the stuff some were and hope its still there once i log back on....hope to one day be a one man raiding army and kill all the alpha tibes by my self... on single player i like to be a Pokemon master and catch all the dinos...on primal survival (witch isn't out yet) i like to hid in abandon buildings and wait for an unsuspecting victim...
  4. im right there with you and it would be so bad if they just gave some dang updates about it...
  5. still just waiting for primal survival... its one of the main reasons i bought the game in the first place...
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