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  1. 51 minutes ago, ladyteruki said:

    EASTER EASTER EASTER ! My favorite event of the year. Hope to see you in ARK2, old friend.

    Grab your Chalico with a Wvvern and bring it somewhere safe, deaggro it and come back to get it drunk. I'm a serial tamer of Chalicos, I bring them to herbivore islands and such (depending on the map), saves me the headache of dealing with wolves and pigs.

    And yes, I very much worry about the Andrew being a pain to tame. Some creatures since Gen2 are so annoying I tend to give up on them. It's not the cost of the food or the time it takes, it's how finicky some 12-step methods are, and can be even more if you don't do it the exact same way the devs intended.


    That is exactly why I havent even tried to tame an amarga, well besides the fact that theyre almost useless on PvE. I dont have the time to waste trying to tame one on official rates with as annoying as they are to tame. 

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