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  1. ericiong

    Food Bug getting out of hand

    It happened to us a few times but since the last patch the rate of this seems to be increased. This weekend we lost 3 rex 2 gigas and 1 velona....
  2. ericiong

    Max dino lvl

    Thank u so much guys u helped us a lot ^^
  3. ericiong

    Max dino lvl

    Hi guys, We are breeding a lot of dinos and we heard that the max lvl dino is 400, if we raise more than it we will lose the dino after the reset. Is it true?? Can u help us? We are noobs still ?
  4. Do we have some date to the release??
  5. Waiting to the release. I need structure plus now!!
  6. ericiong

    Losing everything after king titan?

    thank u all this info is very usefull
  7. ericiong

    What is the best way to tame a managamr?

    i rather to use a trap, u can ask to other ppl if they can open their traps
  8. ericiong

    Tame Cap....STILL

    good luck finding a server without cap ... i didnt find one (ragnarok)....
  9. ericiong

    Impossible Forest Titan tame?

    we tamed ice titan tuesday in 2h. We were 3 guys( 1 mek, 1 healing the mek, 1 sniping the node)