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  1. I keep trying to transfer back to 466 and it keeps giving me this screen of rock and water and then stays stuck and kicks me off game. Then i attempt to re transfer again and again. I cant seem to get back to 466 without being kicked constantly off of 466
  2. @oscarcacho Barcode made alternate accounts he was fighting with Sinfullmchacker. he made an alternalte account with same name to frame him. Look. "I" and "l" look like the same letter right? but they are not Capital i.... " I" Lowercase L.... " l " L and i.... lIlIlIlI..... or II or ll. it looks the same. SOooooo SinfullMchacker... and SinfuIIMachacker.... ES BARCODE IDIOTA! EL TE ESTAS ENGANANDO Lo se porque yo hablo con el Mchacker ques el realidad y las chicas y lose otros que el ataco
  3. @oscarcacho Él está tratando de defender a las dos chicas que el Barcode hombre ataca en Facebook. quieres ver los mensajes ???? Él está acosando a las jugadoras y está luchando contra él. Yo también tengo capturas de pantalla que muestran que es él Barcode. ¿Quieres ver los mensajes de él atacando a las chicas en Facebook tambien? Te estoy diciendo que es el porque él me atacó TAMBIÉN Él Sinful es amigo de las chicas que él Barcode ataca. no es sinful. sinful esta tratando a buscar quien es el barcode. el varcode es un mentiroso vien feo
  4. @oscarcacho Its not Sinfull, it wasnt him. the other guy is lieing about that i know because the IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII or whatever he is and however you spell it was lieing about me saying I attack him and he just make lies in chat trying to get other people to fight. he even stalking people on other website and messaging on messenger on phone. Es el que está atacando a los jugadores y ddosing. Tengo una captura de pantalla de él que me molesta y me dice que deje el servidor porque no le gusta nadie que no sea australiano. el es racista Él está atacando a las jugadoras también. no creas nada de lo que dice. estas atacondo todos los que el no le gusta. el trato a invitarme a un party chat para ddos a mi. pero yo no hablo con los que no son mi amigo.
  5. There is this player with a complicated PSN name that makes it extremely difficult to report as its a mixture or capital i and lowercase L as you cant really search him up. But long story short. There is a player with few other friends on Ark causing mass amounts of harassment in chat. I dont know any other way to report his as it jas to be seen to be believed. Its quite disgusting. He is spreading words of hatred as in "go shoot up a school", and is telling everyone who is not aussie to "get the raptor out the server. vacate this server now". I have images showing this. I just need to know who can help. This person is supposedly a DDoser and posting threats to players and even harassing them on facebook. its getting really really nasty. If i could I would call wildcard and personally contact them about this and have them see this. The threats are getting to a point where its really really bad. Obtaining personal info of real life from players and in plain terms a case of severe prejudism and harassment. Words were used to promote suicide. This is where I had to take action. It has gotten out of hand and effected game play on specific servers. Servers 466 MAINLY, but 10he goes to 1011 and harasses as well.
  6. I feel ya man.... this needs to get some attention
  7. not even an hr. offline again....
  8. its upright now, hopefully it stays up. if not.. well... ill let anyone here know
  9. I went to ark general discussions and posted on there hoping to get some attention. as that is where the outage report is listed. you guys should go check it out.
  10. So... just have a quick concern and question to whomever could answer this. I have been playing bout 3 weeks now. more or less. I brought extinction 2 weeks ago. had a issue that was quickly addressed that same day and when I told other players they were surprised I was helped by a GM on same day. i did not know or understand why that was a surprise. Anyways.. I play on extinction and ragnarok on OC PVE. I have alot on the ragnarok map as it is my main and all my main things are on that map. I have lots of dinos and structures and raises there i WAS currently raising. The thing is that server has been having connection issues the first week i started playin again and then it started not appearing on the list. It started not appearing for a few hours at least but now its been gone for days and on friday it was ony up for an hr. This is an official server by the way. OC 466 through i dont know what else. Sooooooo Me and bunch others from the same server have been filing the outage reports, but its been about 2 weeks now and no word or anything on this matter. We are not even sure anyone else is even aware. As I was also told to tweet at the server technicians on twitter and they have been ignoring everything. server has been gone for days and have missed 2 weeks of 2x because of it. I have no idea where else to turn to for any sort of word on this matter as Submitting a ticket is out of the question for this matter and nobody replies at all in the support forum. This is really bad. Any sort of actual helpful insight on this matter from any staff would be greatly appreciated even if it is something like "we are sorry to say the server is gone for good" at least let us know!!! This is ridiculous. Its more than 1 server too. Mainly the OC servers. Mine was 466
  11. @Banshee5000 nah.. they have a right to keep complaining when the game they spend money on isn't working and they haven't been able to play for days. They have been ignored over two weeks. no help whatsoever so they have every right to be frustrated when they spend MONEY on this game.
  12. We are constantly ignored on here and on their twitter pages. @lilpanda does not reply on twitter to offline server problem but he reply to others about patch and transfer
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