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  1. Basically one player asked 6h ago when prim+ will be fixed. Jat answered this. This is also being worked on, likely it'll roll out in the same patch if we can get them fixed together.
  2. I have a little update for us ! Brief update on Player Dedicated Servers; the team are working on getting them to a release state on Genesis. Once that's ready, we'll be getting a patch out to both platforms as soon as possible. We'll update you when there's more news to share!
  3. I do understand that Genesis is their top priority atm since it's the new DLC. Still doesn't justify to ignore a minority of the players. They have no idea how Prim+ could pop off if they would just fix it and bring it up tp pair with the regular game. Many players do not like the direction Ark is going and dislike the tek stuff etc. Not saying it is bad just not my/the players cup of tea. Imagine just fixing the log in time for prim+...I have a good rig and it takes me around 9-11 minutes just to log in. Some have to load Prim+ for 30 minutes which really sucks. And there is nothing more frustrating than having a fatal error just to log in for another 30 mins again. Prim+ to me is something special. I would go as far and say it is like a family. Many names i recognize from past days and they seem to always come back to Prim+. I consider myself a vet when it comes to Prim+. Been around on CrossArk1 EU for a long time with my tribe. Anyways...I hope to see you guys in game. Bowjob
  4. I have to agree with you here !
  5. Just woke up and checked twitter etc. for some info on Prim+ I can't belive how many people on twitter just get ignored. All they have to do is just acknowlege the problem and give us some feedback about it. Even if it would take 1-3 days that would be fine. I've put in over 6k hours in this game and like 95% of the hours are dedicated to Prim+. I've tried Tek but it just isn't for me or my tribe mates. The lack of coms on Prim+ ist just frustrating and if i wouldn't love this game/mod so much i would just delete the game and move on. This is not the first time Prim+ got screwed because of an update/dlc. This time it is different i would say. It's like the mod just got deleted and is now just a regular tek server. Guess all we can do is just wait.
  6. Just checked back again and logged into the server. All Prim+ structures are missing. Not even mad about all the dead babies and stuff but the lack of coms. A simple tweet or a forum post would be enough for me/us. If it takes 2-3 days to fix it that is fine. I just hope they do a proper rollback for our servers.
  7. OK is this a raptoring joke ? did you really just delete primitve plus and made regular tek servers out of them ? please tell me this is just a big mistake.
  8. Not showing Servers after Genesis update Yeah like the title says. Servers are online but they do not appear in the launcher.
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