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  1. Looking for Boss Runs For engrams Looking for Alpha monkey and Spider and Beta Dragon runs prior to geniuses release. pm/replay if you are running them thank you
  2. It's not realy about the delay its the communications about the delay if they had released an official statement for the first one(I never found anything official anywhere stating s delay) and had just decided to face the backlash from the second sooner it would have been better but they stealthily delayed the first time and then went a whole month to just go oh nope next month guys if they ran in to a problem that needed to delay they should have made a statement like dying light 2, hey guy I know we said x month but we hit a major problem and while we could release it in x month we would be unhappy about the quality and so would you so we are delaying and will hit you back when we have a firm grasp on the new date. I don't mind delaying I mind the oh yea working on it should.have it next month then radio silent s to oh sorry still working next month soon you done that for enough time that A the excitement faded and B no matter how good the final product is you will have ppl who would normally love it hate it on principal
  3. Considering people like me who bought the game when there were like 10 dinos on the map and you would randomly spawn in the ocean(no water dinos yet) we have seen enough to know and not care about the bug most mmos have bugs they cant test for everything we will find some mechanics that will be op a dino will 1sko you for no reason the maps will lag and you will randomly lose dinos or time due to the roll backs and patching of the game or the dino falling thur the map. It's ok it's a game and not truly worth getting overly annoyed with it. Now if you are not ok with that then why the hell are you even still playing? They have done this for the last few expacs so if you have a memory better than a gold fish you knew dec 2019 wasn't happening and figured Feb or March anyway ( still wouldn't surprise me on a march release) do I expect dec 2020 for part 2 not really but I hope so I bought the xpac to support the development of the game( same reason I back kickstarter for some I want to see the game ) to I lose anything by a delay no I still get the content and ability to play the game. Let's look at game that I realy didnt want delayed FFVII remake, theis game is not a mmo's and gave release times beginning of last year and got delayed and I been on preorder since 2015 for that so it is okay as long as I get to enjoy the game in the end
  4. That's like amazon saying dec 31 2020 it's a holder date that some site has put up because it's the last day of the month that has been stated to be the release date unless you can find a ac source it's not offical
  5. What is the right way? Getting wiped sucks yes but in pvp raiding is a thing that happens, create an alliance with one of the big tribes on the server to help start out or play on a beginner server to get an understanding of the game, and if you just want to play non pvp join a pve server or get together with the 15 people you have and run an unofficial server/private server for them. Otherwise it's part of the pvp game
  6. Lol I knew about the 25 % buff to damage(if it doesn't stop working for some reason cuz of random bug that has happened to me before) didn't know it reduced damage
  7. Because no one on my server willing to trade better Full rex didnt want to mess with a yeti or pig
  8. The Stats required for alpha Bosses BM and Monkey :) So i just finished soloing the alpha kill of BM and Monkey, on legacy offical PVE368 Base stat of the rex out of egg with 90-100 imprint was 17k hp and 527 % melee, knocked up to 40k hp and 900-1000 % melee 70 armor saddle. I lost one rex on BM and he was at 1/2 hp before the fight the rest of the dinos took ton of damage 30-38k but doable would be easier if i did with others or had better armor (monkey was a joke i think my rexs took more damage cuz only a few were attacking at once due to the position of monkey) i have looking for this type of info for for the current game alot of the info was out from 2017 that i found or for unofficial . I am not even going to try dragon with these rexs on alpha i may try for a beta kill but every thing i tested says difficult at best maybe 50/50 chance of win with these. Hope this helps others
  9. Except for the longest time you could not identify legacy servers from the rest of official at release, the were officialpve359 the islands . Under official sever filter in their own search bar
  10. No you can not transfer anything from legacy to the official servers and you can not transfer from a pvp server to a pve server so if you are on a legacy pvp server and want to continue it looks like you have to start over on offical( cuz why waste time on legacy again) Only down side to this is it is a pain to start on offical servers cuz all the large tribes and having to re farm dined
  11. They may keep a very small number of legacy over servers for a long while they have been killing off mostly servers with little ot no ppl on the day to day
  12. No untamable just used to trade mistletoe and coal for xmas event items
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