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  1. So playing on server 580 on the Island, have a guy who keeps putting pipes in our base and has pulled 2 wild gigas to our base Sent in like 5 reports though the report abuse option in support but still no form of respons, just the automatic respons they have that they cant give you any info about the event..... Has anyone acutally had the devs do anything with this problem or is this something they simply dont care about? Realy contemplating doing the same to the guy whos doing it to us......
  2. allready sent in a proper one to the devs, base location, name of the guy and the tribe hes in....that was 2 days ago now.....nothing has happened....
  3. So we are getting piped rather heavily on our server. Playing on official 580 PVE On PS4 Posted several reports on the report abuse page but no help..... Is this not something the devs can or will do anything about? The guy has done it do our main base and a base in progress.... Before this he even pulled a wild giga to our base and got a ton of dinos killed before we could kill it
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