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  1. So breeding rates are 1x now? Oh great ....”through Nov8” means midnight usually...ugh
  2. No because the ego rates ended yesterday, and this morning it was at 50%....normal imprint for a baryonx is 20%.....so isn’t that 1x? I thought fear and or evo rates were >1x???
  3. Well legacy official is messed up since imprinting is 20% down from 50% earlier today So no instead of 50+50....:50, 20, 20, 20 nice
  4. Rates change? At 2x I was getting 50% every imprint interval....now I’m getting 20%....I thought 2x went “thru the 8th” what are the the current rates now ??? wildcrard. Smh
  5. Nitrado has terrible customer support hours...every time you call in they say..."gee try this, wait 20 hours...call us back if it doesn't work." Anyway I rented a server ONLY to see if my old legacy server was there. I have made 5 calls to Nitrado...the server is ALWAYS stuck in "restarting." I have got it to start twice, logged in to a vanilla server....and then I go to the "Import" list and click "import" and it says "restart server?" I hit "restart" and then it gets stuck in restarting mode for 20 hours again. First Nitrado guy says it takes a long time...wait a day and call us back. Second guy says, Wilcard has given them some bad files...so send a "support ticket" and maybe WC will send over a fresh file for that old legacy server. Well...I tried a second legacy server and that is stuck in "restarting" so what are the chances TWO legacy server files are corrupted? hmm Am m I doing this wrong? ALL the posts of how to import the old legacy files describe steam...or are terribly old. Once the Nitrado server is working...I just need to hit "import" then "restart" correct? Thanks....
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