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  1. Not often I get to do this but I'm so happy. I play ps4 official and for the first time in a very long I've heard people happy. To quote a tribe leader, " it feels refreshing to see some actual effort put in. I feel like this is a potentially a new game."
  2. I play ps4 and enable survivor downloads on the setting page. Use the ascension code on aberration to test if it works before playing with your main character.
  3. It's in single player settings. I think it's allow character download to be enabled.
  4. if you're going to nerf the tek tape that hard, reduce the cost. its almost laugable with those reductions, or maybe make it have shooting dura, only 50 shots before the shooting is disable till repaired in a rep? there are ways around damage factors without making an expensive, low armor saddle virtually useless....
  5. All un pincoded boxes are lootable by non tribe
  6. do u understand coding and engines etc? reason I ask is cause the engine is just that, the platform designed to run the coding which the game developers put on it, the engine is not fault in this situation. if it was unreal would have fixed it by now (4years old this game is a joke). The devs addressed this in a previous post, saying the complex coding and recycling of pre existing textures is the problem. all they do is texture and code a few structures into the game and place them at different angles, ocassionally the angles don't "mesh" together properly and leave a hole in the map. HOD was banned unfairly, simple. took them 2 months to get back to a friend about a ticket I submitted, took them 4 hours to ban someone who called them out. they silencing the people with a voice 180 000 at a time. the game complexity and lazy devs is the biggest problem with ark. the focus at the moment seems to be pve. Seriously though there a loads of mesh tutorials, god mode glitch tutorials, server roll back tutorials etc. why aren't they banned? cause they didn't call out the devs, plain and simple. And you are correct, its gonna nigh on impossible to fix it 100% but if they addressed the community and let us all know what going on would be a good place to start. maybe watching all the cheat videos and responding to those issues. I wouldn't care if I had 2 updates a day for the next few weeks while they resolve things and im sure loads of players would agree. as soon as a hole is fixed port the patch. Maybe give 1 hours notice via a server update if they worried about the backlash from people loosing things. but start working on the big issue at the moment and that's meshing on official and keep the community informed. its toxic enough as it is. screenshots and evidence don't do anything, trust me, my friend gave all the proof of the undermappers that meshed him they still playing. 2 months later. well done wildcard. are they gonna fix the triangle floor and ceilings, u can use those to mesh if u didn't know that??!!!!??!!!! yea they know what they doing but just don't care. they got our money and now they dipping. its a smash and grab.
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