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  1. Awesome thanks for quick response ?
  2. That changes Dino stats?
  3. I have a 115 baby with 600% at birth. I found an 85 and 45 is that ridiculously high??? I'm playing single player and am wondering if I changed a setting by accident?
  4. Ever since the new patch I get stopped dead and stuck in my doorframe along with that I'll get stuck in stupid random rocks for instance I was running from raptors and tried to hop over a small rock getting instantly stuck and trapped for them to pick my bones seriously annoying glitch
  5. Thanks I just found that cake recipe and wow that's helpful especially considering I have a huge farm. @Tiger I am glad you said something bc I was worried after playing Conan Exiles that bosses would have ridiculous high health and just aren't viable on solo. Seems like the first step to ascending is Def getting two high lvl Rex's.
  6. So I've been looking to solo bosses and figured I should research before I start breeding an army. I've come to the conclusion that a few Dinos are key to bosses and was just wondering if someone could give me input. Megas for broodmother seems important, Rex's seem used for all bosses,daedons or whatever are helpful but seem like with me being alone they would be useless, a solid yuti is what I think I'll mount to boost the others but could any other Dinos be used? Maybe tanks or the celling hanging hell lizards? Or scariest of all could I use tickle chickens?
  7. Everyone sign this petition to get it removed https://www.change.org/p/wildcard-get-rid-of-the-climbing-pick?recruiter=920721829&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial.pacific_post_sap_share_gmail_abi.gmail_abi.lightning_2primary_share_options_more.control&utm_content=okt_psf_tw_clinks%3Acontrol 7400 signatures money donated and nothing from wc
  8. Try Conan exiles it is survival with an amazing combat system and you can build slave armies it's a difficult game
  9. I'm thinking like a place that new players can get their grips and have some collaboration but not give up the solo play entirely. I am starting building on a massive wall tomorrow just need people to help populate I won't mess with any Dinos/belongings.
  10. I want to make a tribe that instead of working together and messaging etc will just keep each other safe. Mayybe build walls around a settlement of sorts to keep high lvl players out. It would be a lot of work but I'm very active and will definitely take charge and get a wall with enough room for 3-4 large buldings.
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