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  1. I could agree with this being in single player mode but still it takes away the thrill and danger. I remember having good times on Abberation with my friend. The stunts we had to pull to get off the Abberation were quite the experience. Don’t take that away. Maybe add an extra warning for joining Abberation so people are 100% informed about the dangers ahead.
  2. That is still a bit worrying with our brightest Managarmr example. Un-nerfed mana on PvE is all nice and good. The minute a tribe goes to war the managsrmr is God. Edit: I think Managarmr should never existed as mythical creature. It’s like the black sheep.
  3. If there are separate settings for PvE and PvP then what happens when PvE tribes go to war ? Do the settings change for those PvE tribes ? Dino stats? Player stats?
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