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  1. As the title says i took a break from the game came back and i couldn't join my main server (EU-PVE-Official-Extinction508) and some other servers i used to play on. I was getting Connection timeout error, a friend told me to use VPN and now i can connect any server no problem and cant disconnect until stopped playing (otherwise game timeout and cant join again).If Anyone else facing this issue? Or is there any way to see if Ark's IP or something is getting blocked by my isp/firewall or something? IDK I wanna play the game its just seems too much work not to mention the lag . If u need any mor
  2. Host Connection Timeout: Lost/timeout connection to host. Host Connection Timeout: Lost/timeout connection to host. POSTING AGAIN NEED A FIX NO MOD PLAYING ON OFFICIAL SERVER IF YOU NEED ANY OTHER INFO PLEASE LET ME KNOW I JUST WANT THIS TO END!!!!!!!!!!! DxDiag.txt
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