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  1. hi there hello im 30+ yrs old and i have a 1700+ hrs mainly on solo pvp smalltribes. This period i played a few arkpocalypse seasons and now i would like to join a tribe to do big stuff. I mainly do pvp and raids and really know how to hide. I have never been fully wiped. ofc i can do anything that is needed for the tribe. Let me know a few things about you as well. cheers
  2. hi there Hi im 30+ yrs old from Greece. I play ark for 1800hrs mainly ragnarok /extinction solo smalltribes. I like to do everything. I have never been fully wiped. (but i have wipe many). I would like to join the tribe and do some bosses and do the big stuff. As i work on my own job i have plenty of free time for ARK. Let me know how many ppl you are , your ages and your expectations. Thanks.
  3. +1 from me too. Also guess what? i cannot upvote your post because you are early bird? i have 1.5 k hours in ark but i never really bothered with this forum due to this system. I cannot join a tribe and i cannot trade due to this. To me it has failed at all levels. Yecrucifixion you have 2500 posts!!! DO you expect most people to have 2500 posts? I think not. I am not try to insult you thanks for supporting the forums ! its just that most people will not do that.
  4. please remove early bird nonsense I just dont get it. I try to trade, i cant . Im early bird. OK i do what is required to get out of this and i try again. No! i cant trade now because all the people that I try to contact are early birds and cant accept messages!!!! I try to join tribes => I join tribe and try to talk to the owner. No i cant do that because he is early bird and cant accept messages. Seriously DILO!!!!!!! Why do you have a forum if players cannot use it and why should i bother to use a forum that people cannot use? FYI I am back end developer with 5+yrs experience.
  5. Hello, after being wiped by the alphas on both of the servers that i built in, i need to start over again. So is there any servers out there that have more friendly alphas? i need to build a small outpost for crafting stuff and mainly i will raid in other servers. If the big guys are willing to trade then its even better
  6. hello Im playing small tribes pvp and i built a nice secret base with 15 auto turrets. The only vulnerability of this base is that someone could see it from a cliff in the top. its like 8 foundations higher than the top ceiling of my base. My question is : Is it possible for someone to go there and throw c4 down to my base? will auto turrets shut down the c4 ? thanks.
  7. are there any more news?
  8. same question here! Why do they limit new players like this?
  9. oh thanks for letting me know. its these small "details" that matter. a few days ago i had like 5 naked lvl1 guys in my yard begging to join my tribe. OFC i never saw them again.
  10. thanks for the reply ! I went through the configs and it looks way complicated. It feels like there will be a lot of mistakes. Anyway is there any way to assign everything that i own (dinos boxes doors) lets say to a rank 3 so that the new players wont be able to access it unless i give them rank? and also if someone has a box in his corner in the tribe is it possible to have access only for himself ? so that i can give everybody some personal space?
  11. Hello guys ! im relatively new player. I have built my base on the island - official and i got my pteras, argies , doedicurus , ankys . So now i see many new people wanting a tribe to start with and i would like to invite people in my tribe. But i dont want to share everything. I would like everybody having his place with personal stuff and being able to use the utility dinos. But I dont want them to use my ascendant or Mastercraft gear. Also there are many people who its very obvious that they are scammers and they come to my base like flies! Is there any way to make generic rules and not having to assign a higher ranking in every box that i have? or generally how do people make this work? thanks!
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