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  1. alounatic

    Can’t back up data to iCloud

    i hope you can fix the sign in thing soon. I accidentally closed the game in the swamp cave and now it’s been like 4 days and still can’t log in my single player world. because it crashes. This never happened to me before. I have an iphone 7
  2. alounatic

    Instant Death In The Ocean

    lol I was going the report the same thing. Just lost my high lvl plesio with ascendant saddle. just after it died I took the saddle and the implant but then, when I swimmed a bit away I died too. I can get back and take the bag with my things again but I’m scared to die again
  3. I cannot leave my Allosaurus alone for 5 minutes because when I arrive to my base I notice that it teleported inside or under the land and got stuck. Every time this happens I have to request it or whistle it, but it’s hard to do that because sometimes i dont find it. Anyways that doesn’t solve anything because when I leave my base the same thing happens again. Sorry for my bad english, I think I explained well
  4. alounatic

    Tamed dinos teleporting out of base

    the same thing happens to me. in single player too. there’s no way they can escape because i built behemot dinosaur gateways all around my base. they’re in stop and neutral because a lot of them died because i put them on passive and just keep teleporting out of my base and dying. (sorry for my bad english btw)