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  1. Thanks for finding and posting that. Even if they really wanted to prevent people from reloading the game to insta-spawn resources, killing the respawn entirely if the player leaves the server is not the answer. It would make more sense to put a timer on a respawn that stays statically linked to the server's up-time. Kind of like the cryo-pod sleep sickness timer. You can't just reload your game to kill the cryo-pod sleep sickness timer; it has to run its course. They could do the same with resource spawns, except it wouldn't be linked to the player's presence on the server like cryo-pods are; just to the server's up-time. It's definitely impacting the quality of play, as people are forced to modify their server settings to make resources spawn as soon as they move out of range. I would prefer to have a slightly longer time between resource re-spawns on my non-dedicated server, but this bug doesn't leave us that option.
  2. So resources meant to re-spawn, that NEVER re-spawn, are an intended mechanic? LOL. It's clearly a bug. Perhaps you don't understand what I'm referring to. Normally when you gather resources, and spend enough time at far enough distance away, they will re-spawn. However, with this bug, if you leave the area entirely before they spawn back, the resources NEVER re-spawn regardless of how long you wait, even if you go back and wait at a distance for hours and hours. After days of trying to find an answer, I did find that there's an unreliable 'work around', that involves setting your server settings for resource re-spawns to 0.0. Just doing that alone won't bring them back. However, if you go back to where the resources were after setting to 0.0. then spend some time there (they still won't re-spawn), then move just out of render distance - but not too far away, they will SOMETIMES re-spawn. I had to do this a number of times before it finally worked. Incidentally, my server was already set to fairly fast re-spawns before the issue occurred (0.25). So it was never an issue of not waiting long enough. They were gone for many real time days.
  3. So I missed something, and he's not actually planning to try this?
  4. Great to hear that. Now could you please show a bit of love to all the people who play single player or non-dedicated servers and have to endure the 'resources never spawn back' bug that's been in the game since it released? Nearly half a decade later and this major bug still plagues us.
  5. Not single player per se (lots of issues with SP I hear), but running a 'non-dedicated' server (private session) seems to be quite a good way to enjoy the game as a single player. What I've done is created my own ARK 'archive' in a non-dedicated session. I created a survivor named 'Keeper' and they build quite a nice base. Everything I collect in my dedicated server sessions (multiplayer), I upload and download into my 'archive' base for use when I need it. Since you can transfer items between a local non-dedicated game and a hosted (dedicated) game, it's a great way to store stuff. Especially items that have a spoil time, since time stands still on the non-dedicated session when its not loaded. I do the same with my ongoing breeding lines of dinos. I keep them cryo-podded in the 'archive' base until I want to work on them some more. If we then change maps on the dedicated server, I still have all my stuff.
  6. We're having the same issue. S+ mod update needed most likely.
  7. LIES! The game is perfectly playable for new people. You just have to be sensible about it. If you're going to be a new player on an official PvP server, know that your imagining you'd be taking the boots to other players is just a fantasy, and that it will be far more fun for the established players who WILL be taking their boots to you. Instead, be smart and join a PVE server, or even a private group on private server.
  8. Wow, you are completely underestimating the lance man. You do not have to be riding a dino in order to use a lance. In fact, you can't be riding a dino when you are using it to its fullest potential. They are, hands down, the very, VERY best weapon drop to use in an industrial grinder. You get so much freaking metal from an ascendant lance.
  9. And...? Forcibly dismounting someone is still an attack, and a lance is still a weapon.
  10. Which is nothing. People have tonnes of problem with cars, computers, and other expensive toys they pay much, much more for. Even with the bugs it has, ARK is great gaming value.
  11. If you search the forums you'll find all sorts of discussion about Gigas starving despite full troughs or their inventory being full of food as well. I recall that uploading or cryopoding then downloading/releasing can fix.
  12. Anyone can spawn them in a non-dedicated session locally, then depending on circumstance, move them to other servers. As long as those servers aren't clustered. Though I suspect he meant obtainable in Genesis.
  13. When leveling Rexes for a boss fight, I'll often take them to the wyverns trench and lead a few wyverns out at a time for them to slay. Levels them up fast. I'll also fight the Alpha wyverns on my wyvern and reduce their health down so there's only a hit or two left in them, then lead them to the Rexes.
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