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  1. Also, some unofficial servers that host PvE games are actually running the game in PvP mode because of other features that don't function well outside of PvP. Example, flier carry. I run a non-dedicated session locally that I have to do this on, as flier carry in PvE is simply broken and won't work regardless of all the settings edits in the world.
  2. That's awesome! I was kind of wondering if that was the case, but didn't dare to hope. Thanks!
  3. No Cryopod Sleep-Sickness Cool Down Timers? Was just playing on Genesis and noticed there's no cool down for cryopod use at the moment. I could uncryo one dino after the other with no probs. Is that specifically a Genesis thing, or just a bug in general?
  4. So many freaking narcissists out there that believe the game must be dying because they personally don't like certain things, and naturally everyone else in the world must obviously think & feel the same as they do. To people who think the game is dying because you feel it must be... get over yourselves already.
  5. Yea, not complaining that's for sure.
  6. Character Lvl 1 After Updates Anyone else finding that when they first go into the game after a recent update, their character is reduced to lvl 1, and probably can't move because you can no longer carry the weight of the items you have in your inventory? This has happened to me several times now, both on a non-dedicated server, and on a dedicated private server. Known bug?
  7. Not to mention that $35 includes more than just Genesis Part 1.
  8. Oh, I think there will be plenty of covid-19 breeding going on... Wonder if there's any chance of covid-19 mutations????
  9. DeHammer

    Ferox tameing

    What I want to know is... "how many rolls of toilet paper does a Ferox go for these days?"
  10. This is what I love about a private non-clustered server. You can play on a map for months and build up a lot of tames and resources, etc, then when your server group switches maps you just transfer it all to a local non-dedicated session where you build an 'archive' base. Then transfer some stuff to the new maps to 'seed' your start there. Rinse repeat. After a while you have tons of stuff stockpiled in the non-dedicated session. I never have to grind any more.
  11. Two big time wasters come to mind... 1) Trying to tame a Galli by shooting it with tranq arrows as it ran around my over sized taming pen. By the time I finally landed a hit the torpor effect from the previous hit was all but gone. Finally I got smart and trapped it inside a 1x1 square of door frames first. 2) Taming a Galli at all.
  12. What platform do you play on? Official servers or private? Are you experiencing any game crashes that coincide with the disappearances?
  13. Imagine that... the ARK Community Forums being biased toward ARK. How very strange. [/SARC] But seriously, as has been mentioned much already, there's a lot of negative feedback toward the game that's tolerated here honestly. It's actually quite important for people to be able to express dissatisfaction for aspects of the game, or discuss problems they are having. Those of us who obviously support the game in words, obviously do so despite having had issues ourselves. I doubt there's anyone here who doesn't recognize the game's quality could be improved, even realizing that it will never be ideal. But a lot of the problems people gripe about fall into categories of issues that necessarily even technical problems with game itself - other player's griefing them, new 'by design' restrictions on specific maps, server settings not being configured to the user's expectations, issues related to mods & the need for mod upgrades, 'unplayable' game performance issues that are more likely the user's own hardware or network connection, etc, etc, etc Even some of the legitimate bugs in the game can be worked around if people took the time to discuss their issues on the forum instead of jumping in and using their very first post here to mindlessly bash the game. People who don't like the game, will whine and then just not play it. People who experience issues with the game, but do like it, will come here to discuss their issues.
  14. The first Season Pass was purchased for me as a gift, but it was bought late in the first season, after Aberration & Extinction were released. So I'm guessing the current Season's Pass will also be available for some time yet. It works out to $10-15 per paid map. Although the free maps were created by the gaming community, WC still had to blend them into their official offerings, and modified the content somewhat, working them into their official framework, removing some creatures and adding new creatures. All of that still requires work. I have the game and all available paid content, and it's 'cost' was in the neighborhood of $160 Cdn, or $120 USD. Those weren't sale prices either. Even without going the Seasons Pass route, there are frequent sales on the game & content on Steam, to the extent that there's really no excuse for paying full price. Then when you consider that a player might easily spend thousands of hrs per year playing, that's pretty damn good value. After 15 months or so of playing, the game's cost for me (or my brother who bought me the game & first Seasons Pass) is around 4 cents per hr. That's damn cheap.
  15. No, not quite that expnsive. The season's passes can be bought for less than that, and they include a number of DLC maps each. So you're paying more like $10-15 per paid dlc.Then there's the free dlc's as well.
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