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  1. More realistic (not so cartoony), more gritty, more complex, more challenging PVE, more potential for a PVP focus if desired. But you could add that to the mix I suggested. Basically a new scale of game that has the potential for endlessness, but doesn't try to create it all at once, unlike NMS. One of the mechanics that I like in Ark is the breeding. It's somewhat predictable, but has some potential for surprises. It was interesting to learn and experiment with. It added so much to the game for me. It's a big part of what made Ark interesting. Imagine being able to build something
  2. Nah. No Man's Sky is good in it's own right, but it's very limited. The procedural nature is a bit dull and repetitive. NMS has aimed to be way too expansive and as a result, many worlds all feel the same. It's a good approach, but it can be done better. You can't even sell or modify your ships in NMS. Better to have a few worlds with more variance and greater challenge than an endless universe all filled with the same stuff. I'm thinking something that combines the modular build focused play of Mine Craft with a much more realistic universe. For all it's blockiness, Mine Craft has some
  3. Yea, I think they need something fresh... and by fresh I don't mean another re-skin of Ark with a different theme like 'pirates'. But they definitely would be idiots to not try to capitalize on what they have achieved with Ark. Whatever they do, it needs a fresh story, and an approach that was as interesting & intriguing as Ark was when released. The problem is, other companies have already taken what they've done with Ark and capitalized on it with their own take on the survival game. I'd love to see something that combines the 'survival game' with the 'building simulation' style gam
  4. Not to mention that no one running 20 private private servers at their own expense is going to keep them going if they aren't being used. People don't generally enjoy paying money for nothing. We rent our private servers, and we scale our servers to the demand. Lots of interest and demand for different maps = add a server. Fewer people playing and less interest in running multiple maps simultaneously = minus a server.
  5. You should be ashamed! The dinos and the game are not trying to kill us. They want to be our friends and support us in every way possible. The next time a Giga spawns near your base, you should go out and explain yourself, apologizing to it in person. I'm sure everything will be a lot better once you establish some friendly dialog between yourself and the dinos. ?
  6. If I meant one month, I would have said 'month long wait'. Months is plural, thus 2 (or more).
  7. I agree it's not worth the reaction, but not keeping an appointment that's been made for months, making someone wait all day, then finally re-scheduling hours after the fact is EXTREMELY unprofessional. 'Garbage' customer support it is. That doesn't mean someone should be treated disrespectfully in return though.
  8. Yup, you get what you pay for. Don't get me wrong, I understand the frustration of a months long wait only to have someone not show... and wasting your whole day. It's sucks, and people's time is worth something. But, that's the level of service being paid for. Anyone that's willing to pay more for better, should consider a private third party hosted server. You can rent one for $20 month and then ask other players to contribute to keep costs way down for everyone.
  9. Yet another reason to not play official servers, or even clustered servers. Nothing beats non-clustered, dedicated third party servers. We barely have to communicate with our server host at all.
  10. Happens more frequently on certain maps I've noticed. Mine always walk forward with a bit of a turn in their movement as well. Like dogs... circling looking for just the right position to lay down. On Crystal Isles, if I jump right back on and off again, they stay still.
  11. They are pigs. They 'pig out'. The Daeodon is a deprecated 'white elephant'. Give it as a gift to someone you don't like, and hope they don't 'thank' you. That's it's most useful purpose.
  12. First of all, you don't have to knock their health down. They consume huge amounts of food while bola'd. All you have to do is not feed them for a few bolas, then start feeding them when the food is sufficiently low enough for them to eat enough time to be tamed based on the taming food. For all anyone knows, that's normal for Tropes. Btw... I've tamed tons of them both ways on a private server. The normal method works fine for us. Must be an official server issue I guess.
  13. You can always fire up a local non-dedicated session and load whatever map you have access to. Depending on the setup of the dedicated server you usually play on, it's also possible to tame a creature on your non-dedicated session and transfer it back to your dedicated game.
  14. It's a pretty generic message and could mean a lot of possible things. I get it if I accidentally type in the wrong password. Also, not having the right versions/updates installed can give you the message.
  15. Crystal wyverns are already a challenge to tame considering the prime crystals expire. I'm only interested in playing Ark to 'collect' Dino's. If I can't transfer them after all my hard work, then I have zero interest in the new map.
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