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  1. If nitrado could keep their servers from crashing that would be awesome. Anyway the cluster is up now. Looking for more tribes to join. We give new people time to build up before we attack so come give it a try.
  2. Extinction server has been down going on 2 days. Ugh. Working with vendor to get it resolved.
  3. Oh no. Wolf Tribe lost their wyverns. I anticipate retaliation next weekend. ?
  4. Who keeps pulling paste from the beaver dams and leaving the wood on island?!
  5. Last weekend's PVP resulted in me losing my fire wyvern in a double double cross to the Wolf Tribe. And in revenge we captured 3 members of Wolf Tribe and made them fight each other to the death, coliseum style! Winner got a special tame.
  6. To the troll that set up dodo shacks, my Gigantopithecus loved going "HULK SMASH!" on them. Made my screen turn yellow!
  7. Boosted resources, taming, and baby times, stats on level up, boat structure limit, etc Tribe limit 10. We do PVP on weekends. Leaving breeders on wander won't be tolerated. On Xbox search for DIST Contact admins at RedLightDistrictadms@Gmail.com
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