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  1. Sure! Join the discord link and message ColonelSanders
  2. Realized this was posted in the mobile forums of Ark. Awaiting an admin to move this post.
  3. Welcome to Olympia! Me and a few friends are hosting three Ark servers and kept private for a good bit, so we've decided to open the servers up for public use! Here are the current servers we have up: Aberration: steam://connect/ Extinction: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Server Ticks/Rates Disabled weather fog Crosshairs enabled PVP Gamma disabled(Better Immersion) Force Allow Cave Flyers enabled Extinction Chronicles Enabled Winter Wonderland Event enabled ARKaeology Event enabled Third Person enabled Structure Decay Enabled. Turret cap increased by 10k Tribe limit: 10 Tribe alliances: 1 No tame cap Egg Hatch speed 60x Harvest Amount 25x Mating Interval 0.01x Max Wild Level 150 Max Wild Level(Tek): 180 Max Wild Level(Rare Sightings): 180 Taming Speed: 30x XP Multiplier: 30x Crafting speeds for S+: 50x Allow anyone to imprint babies Allowed Raid Dino Feeding Unlimited Respecs Auto Destroy Decayed Dinos Destroy Unconnected Water Pipes Disabled Structure Placement Collision Spikes hurt wild animals Prevent wake up/spawn animations Random Supply Crate areas Floating damage text Show Map Player Location We do have mods but I'd rather let you join the discord and look at the list for yourself. https://discord.gg/jR2Dh5w Enjoy!
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