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  1. plz add this would be cool
  2. this happened to me on rag i was stuck there for days
  3. ive been playing official servers again recently after a long stint of not playing and i seem to crash more than ever now its beyond a joke im literally playing to replace stuff ive lost because of crashes
  4. OSD defence is a pain in the ass and so are the veins for one you do friendly fire to both so most of the damage is because of me defending with a rex or other melee and two playing hide and seek is time consuming with the corrupted dinos hiding whens theres only a few of them left!
  5. my crafting folders will never stay selected its really irritating seeing every single engram is there a fix its been like this for months now and ive tried everything it literally stays in folder view when you go onto it then it resets everytime you go back into your crafting im on xbox
  6. add some more defensive items turrets and damn plants are crap we need more choice like traps that can be reset and hidden etc maybe stop making new crap for TEK only. help the little guys get ahead in the world some how. ffs its not too much too ask
  7. how about we even fix the constant crashes on the xbox i lost 4 birds i tamed 140+ yesterday due to these random dashboard crashes on extinction i am literally playing to replace what i lose its a real joke wildcard (more like in a while card) and its not a funny one! I even got killed by something that was miles away from me that was on a different level from me!!! i was on a cliff and the therizino was on the ground like a mile away!!!!
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