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  1. Well PvE most dinos will be useless. Hesperonis? Might as well delete it if we don't need golden eggs.
  2. I'm pretty sure that was patched. Plus don't you think fighting your way half through on foot to get to the drop is a bit more of a pain than beginning from the start with a Thyla or Dire Wolf? It just allows people who don't have high tier armor and weapons to get that. Especially those who didn't have Extinction during the Gachas prime.
  3. Also as a PvE player, you can also use it to get thylacoleos into the Ice Queen arena. Originally you would need to breed them into the cave and raise the baby inside due to the opening being too small and once you did get it in there, it was never coming back out so you'd have to check it regularly to make sure it hadn't starved. Lost a pink belly mutation this way. I'm sure if it wasn't intended both methods would be patched by now.
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