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  1. Hello All, Me and a couple friends have purchased a server with low spots to ensure no lag and no admin headaches. we have 6 spots available and would like to get some people in our server. Bring your current tribe if youd like. we arent looking to merge tribes, just hoping to get some dedicated everyday players. there are a few server expectations. no blocking spawn points or resources areas. we also dont want people living outside their means and filling up the server with a bunch of bases they rarely use. This is a boosted server for PS4 on ragnarok 5x harvesting, 2x xp, 10x taming reply here if intrested!
  2. Me and a group of friends have been in a server for a couple weeks and have made some serious progress. It is a boosted pc dedicated server that we play on ps4. Last night around 1130 pm a message poped up and said "SERVER SHUTDOWN IN 5 MINUTES" im not sure if this was a message by the admin or what but now i am unable to locate my server. with some digging people say that sometimes the admin will close the server to make adjusments then open it back up. but i can not find my server and it is most certainley not back up. PLEASE HELP! we did so much work and play everyday. The admins name was Danger-Noodle. NOODLE IF YOURE READING THIS, WHYYYYY???!!!??? OUR SERVER WAS THE BEST!!!!
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