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  1. Lucer9

    So happy, I need to share this :D

  2. Lucer9

    Let's be real .

  3. Lucer9


    Start your tribe or join with a noob tribe
  4. Lucer9

    Can you clone a painted dino?

    Hi everyone :3 I want to paint a dino and was wondering if I clone it will be already with the new skin
  5. Lucer9


    In personal I don’t recluit members cause I haven’t worked so hard just for a noob come and enjoy my “free” work... Also don’t want to risk all my work just because I let someone in :c Bad people have made us this way, just like in real life... Would you let you door house open so anyone come in?
  6. Lucer9

    Best games and why

    Play it... It will just caught your attention and hr later you will be an addict with more than1k hr (my story)
  7. Lucer9

    22 year

    Lol im almost 21 and feel about 18
  8. Lucer9

    Hey all ^.^

    Nice to meet you :3
  9. Lucer9

    Hi All

    Nice to meet you :3
  10. Lucer9

    Greeting and presentation!!!

    Nice to meet you :3
  11. Lucer9

    Hi everyone (*____*)/

    My survivor name is Birby n.n and I´m new in forums cause I want to meet more survivors ? I have played ARK for 1k hr, have some cool dinos and I love to make trades ?