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  1. I did just this, she was just encumbered. When will I stop having noob issues? The world may never know
  2. Mm actually I don't think? Turns out I was trying to play the game before it updated the whole way. Which was stupid of me
  3. I'm not a high enough level yet to get a saddle, but I think I did get a cryopod from a supply drop once? I'll have to check. How does it work?
  4. I was hunting turtles with my spino. He climbed up on some rocks, fell right in the middle and now he's stuck good. These rocks can't be broken. I tried punching him, I tried placing foundations and ramps, I flew all around him and he still can't get out. This is really upsetting to me because I love my spino and I just want him out. I tried for at least 40 minutes. There's rocks on all three sides
  5. Alright so I've had the game since christmas and all I want to do is play. But today, when I went to load the game it said there was a 20 gb update, so I did that. After I updated it, I went to play the game and the "Join Ark" and "Host/Local" play options would not work! It brought up this error message; "The required content has not been downloaded yet." Whats going on with my game?? Its done this once or twice before where the play options won't do anything. It never brought up this message before though, and restarting the console fixed it, whereas this time restarting isn't fixing anything.
  6. I have a small issue. So I recently started playing Ark, and I don't know everything yet. Today I made a saddle for my pteranodon (which was quite a victory) and to my discovery, everytime I mounted her, I couldn't move. All I could do was land and take off, but I was stuck in one spot and unable to go anywhere. Why is this happening? Is this a glitch? I just wanna fly my pteranodon!
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