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  1. Well that's your opinion, also not relevant to the conversation
  2. Thanks I figured this out a few days ago. I hadn't had much PGA practice since the PGA's went down on Xbox almost a year ago. Glad they're back up now tho.
  3. How to make flat PGA's? Ok so I'm trying to make PGArks on my Xbox that are flat but every time I spawn in the redwoods biome is on a giant hill instead of a small hill connected to the shore. I make the majority of the map a shoreline, so basically I make a small survival island but now the redwoods biome is nothing but tall cliffs, can someone help me out please?
  4. Good news. PGARKs seem to be fully functional on Xbox again. I've spent the last 2 days experimenting with them. My Xbox One is also an original Xbox One model, so don't worry about model differences. It seems WildCard seems to have fixed whatever shut them down the first time. Guess there was enough support for the feature after all. I'm currently making a new ARK as we speak. I'm trying to see how small I can make an island to survive on before the game becomes impossible lol.
  5. PGARKs on Xbox working again?! Ok so I just downloade ARK again on a whim like 10 minutes ago it just finished. I noticed a title update had been added and decided to see if PGArks were working. When it didn't crash at 4.6% as usual I was skeptic as it could crash at any given moment, but now, as I'm posting this I've spawned in and am exploring as we speak. I'm running on an original Xbox One model so I don't know if this feature is fixed for now or I just got crazy lucky. Either way I'm playing this until I unwillingly lose conciousness. I would also like to thank WildCard for if this is a fix, for fixing such a beloved feature. I can finally play ARK without my stress levels blaring like a fire alarm
  6. We used to be able to on Xbox, but ever since the extinction update PGArks have gone to pot. EDIT: I seem to be mistaken. I just spent the last 6 or so hours on a PGArk on my Xbox One. Keep in mind my Xbox One is an original Xbox One model from around 2014-ish so yeah we might have PGArks back on Xbox. I'll be running some tests tomorrow to see if I just got lucky or if the game has actually been fixed.
  7. @Atephle Did they fix it on Xbox One or just PC? EDIT: It's back up on Xbox One. Playing a PGArk right now.
  8. PGARKs are f'd to hfil and back on Xbox One. If you know a way to directly contact Wild Card about this it may be a good idea to ask them to fix PGA's on Xbox One.
  9. That's not the issue though. The issue is that I WANT to play it on Xbox and that the Xbox version NEEDS to be fixed. Saying "Just play the PC version" not only doesn't help me, it doesn't help solve the problem long term/permanently. I was able to run PGARKs fine on my Xbox One in 2018 up until the Extinction/Winter Wonderland update.
  10. I can't even get to the generating map screen on my Xbox One. Seriously we need to force WildCard's attention onto this problem, I'm about done with them.
  11. Ok I'm 110% done with this craptacular %#^show! Y'know I can forgive the game bugging out and causing PGARKs to crash when generating so long as it's patched out so they work again in the future. But WildCard you crossed a line this time. Now on my Xbox One PGARKs don't even get to the generating page, it just takes me right back to the main menu after about 10 seconds. So WildCard all I have to say is: Enjoy what little player population and good will you have left from the community, Minecraft is slowly catching up to you with creatures so expect this clear lack of caring for ARK to come back and bite you in the end unless you get your act together and fix this game. Rant over. Ok glad I got that out. But seriously WildCard, fix this, it's been months! Or at the very least add an option to go back to previous versions on Xbox so we can use PGARKs again.
  12. It's not even a problem with the current gen Xbox. Something in the Extinction/Winter Wonderland updates BROKE the PGArk system entirely. I used to be able to run them fine at full frames with 0 crashes on my normal Xbox One, but now it just crashes out at 4.6% every time. Rumor has it that it is a memory leak problem with the game itself.
  13. Ok so I've been voicing this problem on the forums for almost 3 months by now, the ARK Exctinction and Winter Wonderland updates basically destroyed the ability to create PGM's on consoles and it doesn't look like Wildcard has any intention of fixing it. My recommendation, uninstall ARK from your Xbox/Playstation and download minecraft if you really want customizable maps cause ARK most likely won't be supporting it ever again.
  14. Wow PC too? Xbox One users haven't been able to create or join PGArks since the Extinction update in November I believe it was. But yeah Extinction broke PGArk generation on Consoles, odds are it did the same on PC.
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