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  1. Well that's your opinion, also not relevant to the conversation
  2. Thanks I figured this out a few days ago. I hadn't had much PGA practice since the PGA's went down on Xbox almost a year ago. Glad they're back up now tho.
  3. How to make flat PGA's? Ok so I'm trying to make PGArks on my Xbox that are flat but every time I spawn in the redwoods biome is on a giant hill instead of a small hill connected to the shore. I make the majority of the map a shoreline, so basically I make a small survival island but now the redwoods biome is nothing but tall cliffs, can someone help me out please?
  4. We used to be able to on Xbox, but ever since the extinction update PGArks have gone to pot. EDIT: I seem to be mistaken. I just spent the last 6 or so hours on a PGArk on my Xbox One. Keep in mind my Xbox One is an original Xbox One model from around 2014-ish so yeah we might have PGArks back on Xbox. I'll be running some tests tomorrow to see if I just got lucky or if the game has actually been fixed.
  5. I can't even get to the generating map screen on my Xbox One. Seriously we need to force WildCard's attention onto this problem, I'm about done with them.
  6. Wow PC too? Xbox One users haven't been able to create or join PGArks since the Extinction update in November I believe it was. But yeah Extinction broke PGArk generation on Consoles, odds are it did the same on PC.
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