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  1. Oh it's my little dig at the fact WC has no real intention of fully finishing off SE, you know with an ascension and some other things that apparently fell under "much more". It is one of my favourite maps and while I understand the lack of interest in doing so, I can't pretend it’s not disappointing. I am glad for ARK 2 but I probably will not get it until it has been out a while and demonstrated performance and coding of a better quality, after all the new game is likley to have less dino's for a time given it will be a newer game. I may love the game and its lore, but it is stupid to love something and not acknowledge flaws and problems ^^
  2. Cool now just finish the 1st game so I can start looking at the sequel (I'm including Scorched Earth, a promise is a promise whether you wanna do it or not unfortunately)
  3. Its cool, I just figured they would be in line with each other as tools given they are ssentially the same tier. No worries, I'm the type who will happily go wood farming with a wood dino cus its chill, but I also play with people who only use the most effective method available at the time, its just the fun of different playstyles
  4. So what I'm getting from that is to not bother with wood gathering dino's or the mining drill? I don't play on official so resource competition isn't really a thing I have to deal with. An Argy / Boat has all the weight reduction I typiclaly need for runs. Well thats a little disappointing in my particular case.
  5. I really feel the need to ask this, does anyone else feel the Mining Drill vastly weaker than the Chainsaw? I recall hearing the mining drill was coming with Genesis and being eager for it, I maintained this feeling of eagerness despite hearing that it would be weaker than dino’s. Which makes sense in some ways. However, having had a good Mining Drill for a while now I cannot help but compare it to my chainsaw, which is just INFINITELY better, its light, it gathers more than the majority of wood gatherers I’ve tried to use in its place, it’s better for many other resources too such as meats, hide, pelt etc. and the blueprint doesn’t blow up after I craft one. It doesn’t feel right when comparing the two and I just wondered what others think? I’m not saying the mining drill is useless I just don’t feel like its anywhere near as useful as a mechanical gathering tool, especially when you consider its more annoying to get a decent one. At least in my experience.
  6. Would be nice if this was also implemented on certain wood gatherers Am pretty sure the Thorny Dragon doens't auto Harvest and I'm not really sure about the Roll Rat I think the beaver does though
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