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  1. So throwing an update here, after doing some testing I found that an ARK Day on The Island on my specific machine takes about 60min with a margin of error of up to 5 seconds. If I've calculated correctly then I would want my new multiplier to be in the 0.041667 area. If anyone else wants to do some testing I would appreciate it, however I'll be leaving this post at this for now.
  2. I believe the ini file shows the value as stored as up to 6 decimal points, so I did initially try 0.035191 (rounding so its ever so slightly over in theory) and it appeared to be too slow. Hence the values I'm currently testing. I am starting to think that the each minute in game has its length based on the time of day even on the Island so I'm currently doing a full day test just to see how much time might actually be lost.
  3. Had a quick search on here and can't really find a post where anyone answers this. The short of it is that I'm trying to get an in-game day as close to 24 Hours as possible, so 1 game in day is an actual days length. Now I know I have to play with DayCycleSpeedScale, based on what I believe an ARK day is (about 50.675 min) I need to set the value to 0.03519 or something to get it fairly close. However each time I reset the server having tweaked the value I always seem to be losing time, so I wondered if anyone had any ideas. All I can think of it there being a maths error on my part or alternatively I'm missing something obvious. I'm assuming that in the case of The Island (Which I'm testing with) 1 in game minute is always the same length regardless of time in which case on 0.0352 I'm losing about 15 seconds every minute. I've left the Day and Night Scales at 1. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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