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  1. [Xbox/Win10] Jekyll & Hyde Ark Clusters. PVP Wiped July 7th 2020. Xbox/Win 10. Not Epic/Steam Jekyll & Hyde Ark Clusters. PVP Wiped July 7th 2020. We offer two all map slightly boosted clusters to meet your play style. PVP with no offline raiding and a separate PVE cluster. SERVER RATES (if not listed here, it is lmore than likely the same as official) We wipe the PvP cluster every 6 to 12 months. - Taming 10X -Maturation 8x -Mating Interval 0.05 - Egg hatch speed is 20x - Gathering 5x - Experience 5x - Stamina drain halved on tames - Slight boost to dino Weight - Baby food consumption reduced by 25% - Minor boosts to character levelling - 2x for Stam, Fort and Weight - Player tribe limit : 6 for PVP. 10 for PVE - Stack mods on most resources and consumables - 250 tame limit on PVP. (Tames in cryo do not count toward the limit) - Unlimited mindwipe respecs - 100 turret limit (in a 33 foundation-wide area) - Food water drain reduced by 30% on players - Fuel usage is halved - 2-hour imprints (all of the tribe can do imprints) - Spoiling timer doubled(edited) . PVP EXTRA DINO SPAWMS - SE - Gas bags, Velos and Gigas. Death worms drop heavy turrets or fishing rods. - Valguero- Snow owls in redwoods and reaper queens in the Val Ab rad zone. - Rag Desert - Velos and Gas bags. Auto unlock for their saddles. PVP ITEM CLAMPS/CAPS Weapons - 298% Damage Saddles - 124 Armor Flak - 496 Armor - 1k Dura PVE EXTRAS - Flyer carry wild dinos enabled. - All items containers lockable. DROP LOOT QUALITY PVP: Loot crate/Drops 1.2x on all maps except AB, SE and Ext which are 2x PVE: Loot crate/Drops 2x on all maps accept Ab and Ext which are 3x. FISHING LOOT QUALITY PVP: 3X PVE 5x SOME OTHER SPECIFIC PVP SETTINGS PreventDiseases=true Oxygen Swim Speed Stat Multiplier = 2 StructurePickupTimeAfterPlacement=60 Secondds ShowFloatingDamageText=True PreventSpawnAnimations=True EnableCryopodNerf=false CropGrowthSpeedMultiplier=3 AllowTekSuitPowersInGenesis=True REMOVED ENGRAMS: Wooden Cage(edited) BOOSTED BOSS ELEMENT DROPS FOR ISLAND AND CENTER If this sounds like something that interests you join our discord and check us out. https://discord.gg/U4QMq4R
  2. Jekyll & Hyde slightly boosted Lite PvP all map cluster Jekyll & Hyde Ark Servers was birthed from extreme frustration of dealing with toxic servers and abusive server admins. We desperately desired an encouraging and healthy place to enjoy Ark and all the ups and downs this amazing game has to offer. In short, we wanted an Ark home and now we invite you to come home and see how truly engaging and uplifting an Ark Server can be! We are a slightly boosted, lite PVP all map cluster. This entails slightly elevated rates of play that still allow for an extremely challenging Ark experience, yet not so arduous as to deflate your desire to grind to the final ascension. If this sounds intriguing to you, then you just may have found your new Ark home. All are welcome and there are plenty of admins and fellow survivors to help you along the journey. We offer a starter pack consisting of tames, defenses, and starter structures to assist you getting off the beach and really into the game. Trust us….this is how Ark was meant to be experienced! Facebook.com/jandharkservers https://discord.gg/U4QMq4R - Community center on every map. - No offline raiding allowed 24/7. - No structure or tame wiping. - No excessive trolling - 1 week white flag base immunity from being raided. - Taming and maturation 8x - Egg hatch speed 10x - Gathering 3.5x - Experience 3x - Stamina drain halved on tames - Slight boosts to dino Weight/Melee/Health - Baby food consumption reduced by 25% - Minor boosts to character levelling over official rates. - 6 Player tribe limit - Drop rate quality/contents doubled - Increased fishing loot quality - Turrets do 20% extra damage to tames - Stack mods on most resources and consumables - Slightly longer days and nights - 350 tame limit. (Tames in cryo do not count toward the limit) - Unlimited mindwipe respecs - 20 slot Ragnarok - 20 slot valguero - 20 slot island - 10 slot scorched earth - 10 slot extinction - 10 slot Aberration - 10 slot Center We are growing daily and constantly looking at our player numbers and we are ready to raise are map slot sizes as our population grows. If you're unsure about us please feel free to join our discord and talk to our community of over 60 players in general chat. Hope to see you there! -Matt
  3. Yes, please!! It happens on rag as well. Not on the island though
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