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  1. I tought you were talking of my mb... yes I have one on my graphic card,for the other guy i already said that I have a desktop computer,i listed my configuration. And it doesn't come from my screen,but of the game that's the only game that I have problem with so I dont think its coming from directX. I already use geforce experience,and i already tried uninstall/reinstall thing.
  2. Plugged on my graphic card,i doesn't have DP2 connector.
  3. Not exactly,it stays in Ultra but looks crap.Im in 1920x1080 i'm using an DVI-D cable and even with my cousin's 240HZ monitor in DVI-D it looks still like crap.
  4. I know what I have in my computer,for my graphic card its a 1080 and all my drivers are updated.All I can say on the problem is that the games look like its in medium yes,it is running very well.I play since 2 years it always looked like this on my new computer (my configuration is a 1080,I5 8600K,16GO RAM no ssd and its my own build.My hardware is nice enough to run it in ultra.
  5. You dont know where the problem could come from ?
  6. I just select the first one,yes,no i unnistalled my drivers to see if it was the problem and i dont have any graphic profile and i have latest graphics drivers.
  7. Desktop , im plugged in my Graphic card, hdmi , the cable is secure.Graphics* and its not because of my screen but of my game.
  8. Hey, my problem is when I am on any ARK Server , my game is in full-ultra in the settings but it looks like medium-low for textures , shading and all the rest. I tried to re-install my drivers but it didn't work so I hope you guys have a solution. Thanks !
  9. Hey, I have a problem , when I connect on a server the problem is that my graphism are supposed to be in ultra in the settings but my game looks like medium-low. In my settings all is on max and my computer can run it for sure but I dont understand. Ty for reading and if you find why that happens or where is the problem tell me ty !
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