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  1. Trouble Transferring characters on Official A few of my tribe mates are unable to transfer back to main base on official. Is there a fix that will roll out soon because they can't get back to imprint on their dinos during the breeding event! I've seen a few others with the same issue as well just wondering how many are having the same issue!
  2. Update the Araneo (Spider) I think the spider could use a major upgrade! The spider has a ton of great opportunity but here are a few things that would be awesome to see. Add the ability to climb walls like the megalania, rock drake etc. A web trap ability kind of like a trip wire that catches an enemy in a web and locks them for a few seconds while the spider can pounce on its "prey". Able shoot webs and use them same as zip lines Web parachute for no fall damage or to get to places a bit quicker than crawling. Just a few ideas that can be used to freshen up the spider so people will enjoy using them.
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