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  1. Definitely think griffins should be breedable, as well has having their movement when wild and flying around fixed because that gives me eye cancer to look at from the lag. Also, they should have their pick-up/carry ability increased to as good as the argys or almost as good as it, because right now its pretty horrible, given its size to the other flyers. Wyverns I think do deserve some kind of buff, not sure if breeding is the answer, but it would be nice. Regarding the Ice Wyvern though, I 100% believe that making Ice Wyverns immune to mana, snow owl, and maybe Ice Titan freeze abilitie
  2. Send me a picture of wherever you see where it says we wont be getting 2x taming.
  3. Are we going to get 2x taming this weekend, or is that option off the table because of the summer bash event?
  4. Make griffins breedable It's not surprise that griffins are pretty week in comparison to the other new dinos that have been released since Abberation, specifically the rock drake and snow owl. Both of the have cool abilities that make them very useful, where as the griffin fly backwards and you can use a weapon while flying. They don't have too much use, which is why I think making them breedable would be a great way to make them useful again
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