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  1. So because they nerfed Manas and Snow owls already, we shouldn't have a dino that can completely counter them? And despite them both being nerfed already, they are still amazing dinos that can massacre even the toughest dinos like gigas and boss rexes. And while Ice wyverns do have the ability to slow enemies in the air with their frost breath special attack, hardly any people in the game actually have ice wyverns. That's because they are simply obsolete when compared to poison, fire, and lighting wyverns.
  2. Yea, sorry about that. I thought you were being sarcastic. But yea, I think it would be great if there was a variation of the underwater tek engrams that are a little more within reach of people outside of a mega tribe
  3. @Pellao Well perhaps they could release an update that would allow a platform saddle on a plesiosaur or mosasaur to become airtight underwater. The order of how this would work would be: Lets say you have a completely enclosed structure on the back of an underwater platform saddle. Because thatch and wood can allow water to pass through it, you would need at minimum a stone structure, or perhaps metal, to build an airtight structure underwater. Once the structure is built out of stone/metal/tek, in order to allow the structure to stay airtight underwater the water, you must resurface the water tame, make sure all doors/windows/hatch frames are closed. Once all the structures are closed and there are no open areas that allow you to see the outside, you can then go underwater and have an airtight structure, provided you do not open any doors/windows/hatch frames that could allow water inside the structure. However, I do also think there could be an specific engram enabled to us that is specifically designed to keep an area airlocked. It could work similarly to how a tek generator can power structures wirelessly based on a range you choose. This would be helpful to not only building on platform saddles, but also underwater bases that sit on the ocean floor. It could be powered by gas or another new fuel substance (not tek), but based on the range of space you choose to keep airtight, it would consume more of the fuel placed inside of it its inventory. I also think it should work separately from a generator.
  4. Make Equus/Unicorn Immune to Fall damage while taming it I just had a 150 unicorn on my server that I had gotten to around 80% taming, only needed 20% more and I hadn't messed up a single time, so the taming effectiveness was going to be perfect. The Unicorn took a very minute amount of fall damage and because of that, it completely reset the taming bar on the horse back down to 0%. I understand that if the dino takes damage, the taming meter should go down, but considering that the way you tame an equus/unicorn is by riding it while it runs wild across the map, there is not a lot that can be done to prevent it from doing something stupid like taking fall damage from a very slight elevation. Please make equus/unicorns immune to fall damage during the taming process.
  5. Poison wyverns are actually pretty awesome if you can accurately fire the poison spit. But not everyone is good at that
  6. 1.) The tamable turtles will no doubt be a difficult tame to possess. Do you think they will be something that a 1-2 man tribe can really tame on their own, all things considered. 2.) There are actually submersible generators IRL, plus I would rather not be one of those individuals that purposely exploits a bugs and glitches for my own gain. That's what happened with all the mega tribes duping and meshing and we can see how well it turned out for them
  7. I can agree on that. But still, a generator that works underwater that is not tek that could go on a platform saddle would be nice
  8. True, but tek genys don't fit on platform saddles. Also, tek is not the easiest thing to come by unless you are a part of a mega tribe
  9. (POLL) Should Ice Wyverns be Immune to Snow Owl and Managarmr freeze? Hope yall enjoy the poll
  10. Should there be a generator that works underwater read the poll
  11. Make an app that syncs tribe log with the app Pretty straightforward I guess. I think if Wildcard were to make an app that could sync the tribe log on a server to an app, that it would be a pretty cool and useful app that would be used often. Work 9-5 and youre worried you might have been raided today? Pull out your phone, open the app, and simply check the recent updates in the tribe log!
  12. Still looking for people. I would prefer solo or 2-3 man tribes that are looking to move up in the game.
  13. Check out the Tribe tab and search for "The Black Order", that's my tribe
  14. I think this is a great idea!!!! Darwinism at its finest. Breeding lines need to be diversified in order to provide the strongest of the strong. How can this be ark survival "evolved" if we are "devolving" our dinos by inbreeding them countless times
  15. Cryopod and Dino Transfer Times should be the Same Between Servers When transferring dinos between servers through an ob or a supply crate, there is a believe a 12-24 hour timer before you can re-transfer those same dinos off to another server through another ob or supply crate. The creation of cryopods has essentially created a giant loophole that allows people to transfer countless dinos between servers without needed to wait that amount of time. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy PvP, but cryopods provide an unfair advantage to the trolls who come on server, can un-cryo gigas, reapers, manas, snow owls, rexes, etc., completely destroy your base and slaughter your tames, Re-cryo all those dinos, and then switch servers without waiting that 12-24 hour period where they themselves are fair game to anyone on server. This creates an extremely unbalanced PvP environment that seems to only favor those that wish to come and kill without putting themselves at risk, especially since many trolls like to offline-raid people like cowards because they are trash at PvP themselves. My solution is a simple one: make it to where cryopods have to wait the same 12-24 hour period to be transferred off a server as a normal dino would. This would fix what seems like an obvious exploit in the game that is creating a massive imbalance the way server raids occur. Feel free to hate my post or love it, I'm right either way
  16. I assume no one else thinks this idea has potential. Ill stop commenting on this thread then since no one else apparently thinks its worth some thought
  17. @Sancudo if you need a tribe hit me up on Discord, username KRONOSDOUBLE. I play xbox official pvp. trying to start up a tribe for people who have lives outside of the game and need a place to play but also when they are available with no massive rush to get on.
  18. I have little faith in support from them. I had an issue with my tribe ownership and long story short my tribe ended up having literally no members in the tribe on a pvp server, so all the stuff that was mine was just sitting around out in the open waiting. Stone decays after 12 days and metal after 15, whereas dinos decay after I believe 8 days. I put in a request and was told to make an appointment with @GMDaze, but the only available time for the appointment was over 30 days out, so all my stuff would have been decayed by that time. I made multiple attempts to contact and inform him of my situation, but all I ever got was an automated response, or at most a copy/pasted one from a script. The appointment date I had set for was for yesterday, all my stuff was already gone and dead by then. A+ rating in my opinion (sarcasm)
  19. New tribe looking for recruits on Xbox PVP Rag Server Howdy fellow Ark-ers. Do you enjoy playing Ark but don't have enough time to play constantly? Do you have a full-time job and other real-life responsibilities like having family obligations that take up a good portion of your time? Sounds perfect to me! This tribe is meant for people who absolutely love playing this game, but simply don't have enough time to sit down for +4 hours and grind away (it would be cool if you did haha). If you want to be a part of a tribe that is chill and relaxed, but still wants to advance forward in the game on an XBOX PVP RAG SERVER, this is the tribe for you. This tribe is just getting started, so things may be a little rough at first because I want to start fresh on a new server with whoever joins me. I would prefer those who join to be +18 and have enough basic knowledge of the game, to the point where they can solo play and be perfectly fine on their own to progress up to metal structures with turrets. I do use Discord and my Discord username is "KRONOSDOUBLE" and my tag is #2852. Feel free to reach out to me to get a better idea of what I want this tribe to be, but I'm sure I summed it up pretty good here. Hope you all who are busy with real life can come join up.
  20. Male megalocerous does not gather berries I have a male megalocerous tamed in order to gather thatch easily. It gets the job done well I might add. But there is one problem I encountered while using him, he does not gather berries. I am unsure if this is a normal thing, because I have only recently started taming male megalocerous, but this is kind of strange considering it has a melee attack and can hit trees, but cant gather berries to feed itself. I was wondering if this was a bug?
  21. We need more TLC for the water section of the game. Like and comment if you agree with this post
  22. Theres already too many tek dinos above water, I think that the only additions to tek dinos we should get are tek megalodons and either a mosasaur or plesiosaur. And for above water, I think a tek sabre tooth or dire wolf would be cool
  23. Still a good idea. Comment and upvote if you agree to spread awareness.
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