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  1. Recent players list not updating. The last 5 days my recent players list has refused to update only for Ark. It will refresh everytime I play a new game, just not when I'm on ark. When you play on official pvp servers, it's nice to see exactly what profiles are on and when they were last on. Since ark is the only game refusing to update its recent players list, I have to assume that the issue lies with ark and not with Microsoft. Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. Anyone else noticing the issue with foundation placement on rafts? Pretty self explanatory I suppose. Attempting to properly place a centered foundation is no longer possible for me now due to being unable to "drive" the raft and place a pillar/foundation down. I can still place a foundation down while moving freely around the raft, but doing it from the driver seat of the raft is no longer possible. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. Raft building messed up So anyone who has ever watched a youtube video on "how to build a raft base" knows that the first and most important step in building a raft base is the proper and centered placement of the first foundation, which is used to build all other structures. Ideally, you want this first structure to be centered properly. The way that everyone who wants a proper base built on a raft does this is by selecting to drive the raft, which will then have you centered on the raft. Then all you have to do is select the place you want to place the foundation at. Unfortunately,
  4. Well, one way they are overpowered is that you aren't affected by extreme temperatures while in them, which makes building in the murder snow, murder-murder snow, or the hot regions of the map as obsolete as they can just wreck all your stuff without worrying about freezing or burning to death. There definitely needs to be a balance on that part
  5. (POLL) Should the Arthropleura do Increased Damage to Meks? Before you post, keep in mind that Meks are insanely overpowered at the moment and need a nerf anyway. Also, this is not a nerf, but rather a small buff. The arthropleura is known for being able to melt armor and destroy any type of structure with its bite attack. The Mek, being a giant suit of armor, should take increased damaged from the arthropleura's spit attack, which is the attack that melts a players armor.
  6. DC-ing every time I leave the dark cave on rag I recently started trying to build in the dark cave on rag, but I found it extremely taxing because ever single time I attempt to leave the cave, the game force closes itself all the way back to the home screen of my xbox. I understand that the game has to render in the massive cave network, but Jesus, does it have to exit the entire game or kick me from the server. I play on pvp official btw. Is there any chance this will get addressed? I'm not thr only one experiencing this either. Several of my tribe mates have the same issue.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I thought they could be tamed. Appreciate the information
  8. What happens to tamed Skeletal dinos after the event? So, I know wild skeletal dinos will stop spawning after the event, but will happen to tamed ones after the event? Do we keep them as skeletal versions like tek that can be bred to produce more?
  9. I still do think that this is a good idea. Go ahead and comment and select an option on the poll in order to show your thoughts.
  10. Still a good idea, just bringing it back up. If its the first time you're seeing this, comment what you think!
  11. Ok then, have the devs "nerf" the Managarmr and Snow Owls to where they cant use their freeze abilities on Ice Wyverns ??.
  12. Yea, poison wyverns are awesome in PvP. They get a pretty bad reputation sometimes, but not nearly as bad as the ice wyvern does!
  13. Well, yea refrigerators and cryo-fridges mainly would be great, but also maybe some AC units to use as a hatchery. Basically something realistic is all im asking for because currently its not feasible at all, unless you never plan on submerging a mosa or plesio. I proposed a potential idea a day or two ago about how we could go about this. Ill quote it in my next message and tag you
  14. So because they nerfed Manas and Snow owls already, we shouldn't have a dino that can completely counter them? And despite them both being nerfed already, they are still amazing dinos that can massacre even the toughest dinos like gigas and boss rexes. And while Ice wyverns do have the ability to slow enemies in the air with their frost breath special attack, hardly any people in the game actually have ice wyverns. That's because they are simply obsolete when compared to poison, fire, and lighting wyverns.
  15. Yea, sorry about that. I thought you were being sarcastic. But yea, I think it would be great if there was a variation of the underwater tek engrams that are a little more within reach of people outside of a mega tribe
  16. @Pellao Well perhaps they could release an update that would allow a platform saddle on a plesiosaur or mosasaur to become airtight underwater. The order of how this would work would be: Lets say you have a completely enclosed structure on the back of an underwater platform saddle. Because thatch and wood can allow water to pass through it, you would need at minimum a stone structure, or perhaps metal, to build an airtight structure underwater. Once the structure is built out of stone/metal/tek, in order to allow the structure to stay airtight underwater the water, you must resurface the
  17. Poison wyverns are actually pretty awesome if you can accurately fire the poison spit. But not everyone is good at that
  18. 1.) The tamable turtles will no doubt be a difficult tame to possess. Do you think they will be something that a 1-2 man tribe can really tame on their own, all things considered. 2.) There are actually submersible generators IRL, plus I would rather not be one of those individuals that purposely exploits a bugs and glitches for my own gain. That's what happened with all the mega tribes duping and meshing and we can see how well it turned out for them
  19. I can agree on that. But still, a generator that works underwater that is not tek that could go on a platform saddle would be nice
  20. True, but tek genys don't fit on platform saddles. Also, tek is not the easiest thing to come by unless you are a part of a mega tribe
  21. (POLL) Should Ice Wyverns be Immune to Snow Owl and Managarmr freeze? Hope yall enjoy the poll
  22. Should there be a generator that works underwater read the poll
  23. I definetily think this is a great idea. especially considering how all the mega tribes use crabs to do metal runs now, this would be a GREAT buff to help the littler guys on ark trying to play on PVP. 10/10 idea
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