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  1. I never said that, was purely asking a hypothetical. Plus, games been that way for years. Its practically just an aspect of the game now lol. But really though, what happens? Does the metal continue to smelt?
  2. What happens to my indy forge on raft if clipped into Giant rocks/walls Quick question lads! Was thinking about making an indy forge motorboat to go and collect/smelt metal with, but I want my stuff to be protected. If have a full indy forge of metal and its turned on to smelt the metal and I clip it into a rock wall to make my structures inaccessible, will the indy forge still smelt while its stuck in rock wall?
  3. As I have stated, my issue isn't with pocket gigas. My issue is with trolls being able to transfer on and off server within a simple 15 min timer. Uploading tames through the obelisks and supply drops to another server causes those same tames to be un-uploadable to obelisks and supply drops on the other server for twelve hours. Think of it this way, it's not so much adding another transfer timer as it is closing a loophole/fixing an exploit.
  4. If they were going to eliminate pvp transfer tamers, they would have done it already. Since they haven't, they need to close the loophole that cryopods have created
  5. @yekrucifixion187 If people want to come on a server and raid I have no problem with that. I have a problem with people bringing over pocket gigas and pocket manas to a server, wiping bases on those servers and then transferring off within the next 15 min. It ridiculous and absurd that anyone could support something like this. Perhaps the real reason you support keeping transfers timers off cryopods between servers is because you are a part of a mega tribe and enjoy the lavish lifestyle it awarded you? Why ruin something that works for mega tribes, right? Might make the game a little
  6. A cheaper variant of underwater living would be nice. Kinda hard to get the materials to build vacuum compartments for underwater living when only mega tribes have access to regularly do boss fights and its difficult to gather the materials needed to actually make the compartments unless in a mega tribe because getting element isn't the easiest thing in the world
  7. Create an app that syncs your tribe log to your phone I understand that this could prove difficult considering that the game is played by many over multiple servers, so it may not be possible. But its a cool concept that I thought I could propose
  8. Ok so that's a potential problem that would need to be looked into. If that was an issue that was resolved, would you like for there to be air pockets on platform saddles?
  9. Why not allow the plesio to have one as well? A plesio is arguably better than a mosa anyway because its way faster. They are also super strong in their own right as well
  10. How would an air pocket that only exists inside an enclosed structure kill sea creatures?
  11. Make cryopods have a transfer timer equal to that of an actual dino tame Its ridiculous that you can transfer hundreds of dinos at a time through cryopods to different servers, but using the original mechanism which involves walking/flying your tame to a supply drop/Obelisk and uploading it that way and then summoning it on a new server prevents it from being transferred off the same way for another 12 hours. Cryopods have broken the game and have made raiding 1000000x easier for trolls because they don't have to worry about someone finding their tames if they have to log off. All the
  12. (POLL) Should enclosed structures on platform saddles have air pockets? Comment thoughts
  13. Enclosed structures on platform saddles to have an air pocket that allows people/dinos to breath while on the saddle and for
  14. Seems to me that you both are just willfully ignorant. You dont want to look at something I have posted that I believe to be a good idea that could actually make the game better simply because you have seen something you believe to be similar. The only problem with this assumption you have is that you have yet to read my suggestion, therefore you CANT compare it to something you may or may not have already seen. Pathetic
  15. If you follow the link I am posting here, you will see that that is actually the exact opposite of my proposal
  16. You still didn't read the other post then that I linked to? And while it wasn't in the very first comment, it was in the 2nd comment, both of which where mine. I would suggest reading my post in Game Suggestions before commenting further
  17. @yekrucifixion187 @Archaole did either of you follow the link to the other post I have in Game Suggestions that goes into much more detail on the topic?
  18. I was unaware of this. I appreciate the correction
  19. money doesn't have to be the only form of compensation. As I said, it could simply be recognition of who came up with the idea first, or perhaps the individual who became the main proponent of said idea. Another form of compensation could be a special dino tame or a lot of one resource. They could perhaps offer a list of items and the originator of the idea can choose one from the list.
  20. You did not follow the link to my post in the Game Suggestions tab before you posted this did you?
  21. Compensation for good ideas used by the Devs/Mods LEGO does a good job of this. They have a way to suggest ideas for the LEGO sets. If an idea is supported heavily by the LEGO community, then it gets reviewed by LEGO. If the company decides the guy who came up with the original concept has a good idea, then they may decide to use his concept. So if his idea was a new LEGO set and the LEGO company decides to actually use this idea, they will compensate the individual who originally came up with the idea based on how many lego sets are sold I believe. I think this could be someth
  22. Here is the link to the Game Suggestions post I have that goes in depth into my idea. Please vote on the poll before following the link to express your opinions!
  23. (POLL) How do yall feel about different Character Classes? An example of some of these character classes would be Warriors and Archers, but I do have a few outlier classes proposed as well. If you would like a more in-depth explanation of these character classes and what they could be, I have recently started a post in the Game Suggestions tab that explains this more clearly. My reasoning behind creating a few different character classes is that our individual characters need some TLC just like our dinos do, and I think this could be something that does that.
  24. Make Character Classes (Read All Before Commenting) One thing that could be cool is having the option to choose between different character classes. There could be the basic ones: Warriors- Higher Melee damage, Health, and Fortitude Archers- Better with ranged weapons and have higher movement speed/agility. We could also have a few outliers. Maybe one or two others like: Atlantean- Special underwater engrams and abilities like increased movement speed/strength/no oxygen stat when underwater, but have significant penalties when above water like seriously decreased mov
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